AI Assistant for Your Business.

Yottled Assistantâ„¢ simplifies your operations, maximizes your bookings, and provides a personalized experience for your clients.

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Optimized Scheduling

Yottled Assistant analyzes your past bookings and identifies future scheduling trends to recommend the optimal times for clients to make appointments. It's like having a personal booking advisor on your team. "Let's fill up your slow days next week!"

Personalized Recommendations

Yottled Assistant intelligently suggests services tailored to your customer's preferences. From trending hair colors to indulgent spa treatments, you'll never miss an opportunity to enhance your clients' experience and boost your business.

Two-Way SMS Texting with Suggested Responses

Whether it's a booking confirmation, a gentle appointment reminder, or a quick follow-up, our Yottled Assistant is ready with suggested responses to keep your client interactions smooth and hassle-free. Your communication is now more efficient than ever.

Marketing Genius

Whether you're sending promotional offers, service updates, or seasonal greetings, Yottled Assistant crafts engaging and compelling emails tailored to your business and audience.

Reduce Cost of Last-Minute Cancellations

Minimize downtime, maximize your productivity, and enhance your customer service experience. Yottled Assistant integrates with your waiting list, automagically managing last-minute cancellations. When a cancellation occurs, Yottled Assistant leaps into action, reaching out to clients on your customized waiting list who are eager to step in.

24/7 AI Receptionist

Yottled Assistant enables your clients to book with you online, over the phone, and using SMS, without any intervention from you or your team.

Join the Future of Service-Based Businesses with Yottled Assistant

Transform your business with Yottled Assistant, the all-in-one AI tool designed for service-based businesses. Watch your bookings increase, your operations simplify, and your clients' satisfaction soar. It's not just a better way to manage your business — it's the future.

Get notified when you're approved for Yottled Assistant.