ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled : Cost, Features, Add-ons

ClinicSense vs. MassageBook

Choosing the right booking and scheduling software for your massage business is one of the most crucial decisions you need to make. It affects your entire business in terms of branding, booking experience, ease of usage on the admin side, features you get and cost. In this article, we have covered ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled to help you choose the best fit for your spa and massage business.

 ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled: Side-by-Side Comparison

PricingLite: $39/mo. Standard: $69/mo. Premium: $129mo.Transition plan: Free for the first year, $19.99/month for the second year   Simplify plan: $37.99/mo.   Amplify plan: $47.88/mo.Free, forever. All features are included.   Everything is unlimited.   Pricing explainer
Online bookingYesYesYes
Scheduling$10/mo. per employeeUnlimitedUnlimited
Basic booking pageYesYesYes
Health historyYesYesYes
Customized booking page/website builderInformation not availableYesYes
Create & redeem promo codesOnly with Standard and Premium plansInformation not availableYes
Automated email remindersYesOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
SMS remindersOnly with Standard and Premium plansOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Email newslettersOnly with Standard and Premium plansOnly with Amplify plan.Yes
Gift cardsOnly with Standard and Premium plansOnly with Amplify plan.Yes
Invoices/receiptsYesOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Clients can pay invoices onlineOnly with Standard and Premium plansInformation not availableYes
Require a credit card to secure appointmentsOnly with Standard and Premium plansInfo not availableOptional (Business can choose)
Basic SOAP notes3 templates + custom SOAP notesYesYes
Premium SOAP notesOption to create custom SOAP notesOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansNo
Website integrationInfo not availableOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Google Calendar SyncInfo not providedYesYes
Facebook & Instagram integrationYesYesYes
Data storageYesYesYes
Custom intake formsLite: 1 Standard: 5 Premium: UnlimitedOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Waiver and policies uploaderYesInfo not availableYes
Payment processing feesInfo not available Payment partner is Square.2.6% to 3.5% Plus $0.1 to $0.3 per transaction2.9% Plus $0.3 per transaction
Option to transfer payment processing fees to customersNoNoYes
ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled

6 Key Points To Consider

When we talked about ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled, there are 6 main differences you should consider before choosing the right solution for your spa and massage business.

1. Additional staff schedulers (digital calendars)

Both MassageBook and Yottled allow you to add additional employees and massage therapists at no extra cost. While ClinicSense charges $10/mo. for each additional employee.

As you grow the business, you’d be required to add more massage therapists’ appointment slots to the schedulers. ClinicSense will be an expensive software as it requires $10/mo. i.e. $120/year per bookable calendar. With an average team of 5 massage therapists, you’re yearly software cost will be $1,068 just for the basic (Lite) plan.

Conclusion: For bigger teams, MassageBook and Yottled are more preferable solutions than ClinicSense.

2. Gift cards

Most of the spas sell gift cards. In fact, in most spas and massage businesses, approx. 30% of the business comes from the selling of gift cards. Yottled offers unlimited gift cards to create, sell, and redeem. While ClinicSense offers gift cards with its Standard ($69/mo.) and Premium ($129/mo.) plans and MassageBook with its Amplify ($47.88/mo.) plan.

Conclusion: If gift cards are an essential part of your business, Yottled is going to be the most sensible software for you.  

3. Email notifications and reminders

Both Yottled and ClinicSense include email notifications and reminders in their basic plan. While MassageBook requires you to update to its Simplify ($37.99/mo.) and Amplify($47.88/mo.) plans in order to use the email notification and reminders facility.

Conclusion: If you require email notifications and reminders to customers, Yottled and ClinicSense are going to be better choices than MassageBook.

4. Text messages for notifications

Yottled provides unlimited free text notifications to customers. While ClinicSense and MassageBook force you to upgrade the plans.

Conclusion: If you think text messages are an effective and quicker way to deliver notifications to your staff and customers, Yottled is the best option for you.

5. SOAP notes

Both ClinicSense and Yottled have basic SOAP notes. While MassageBook’s Amplify plan has advanced interactive SOAP notes with an image of a human body. Here you can make notes pointing out the body parts where the client has pain, injury, and other details. ClinicSense’s advanced plans allow you to add a custom SOAP note. If you don’t want to use basic digital SOAP notes, Yottled allows you to upload PDFs, Word docs, images, or scanned SOAP notes, too.

Conclusion: If you require a highly advanced SOAP note, MassageBook’s Amplify plan is the suitable choice.

6. Custom intake forms

Massage therapists and spas generally require a long intake form to get more information about the clients to make sure they both are on the same page. Information such as health issues, expectations from the massage, any allergies, etc. is important to know before starting the massage. Here, Yottled is proven to be the best solution as it allows you to create unlimited custom forms for each type of service and massage. While ClinicSense and MassageBook have limitations on this feature (check the table above).

Conclusion: If you require custom intake forms, Yottled is the best choice in that scenario.

Wrapping up ClinicSense vs. MassageBook vs. Yottled

  • Yottled is 100% free software for massage therapists and spas. It has all the features embedded without an extra cost. You can use all features in an unlimited capacity. It doesn’t have interactive advanced SOAP notes, though. You can sign up without credit cards or commitments.
  • MassageBook’s basic plan is a low-cost option compared to ClinicSense. But to use most of the features like invoices, gift cards, notifications, reminders, etc. you’d need to upgrade to its high-cost plans. The biggest plus point is its advanced SOAP notes, which are not available in the other two competitors.
  • ClinicSense is the most expensive software among these three. On top of it, you need to upgrade it to use features like gift cards and text notifications. Plus, it’s not a cost-efficient solution for a larger team as each employee’s digital scheduler costs an additional $10/mo.

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