Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled: Accurate Comparison

Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled

In this article, we will cover Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled. They are prominent names in the wellness industry for the all-in-one business management solution. They include basic facilities like booking, scheduling, and payment processing, and advanced features like gift cards, booking pages, email marketing tools, automated notifications, etc. Here, we will compare their cost, add-on fees, and features to help you choose the right solution for your spa and massage business.

Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled: Side by side comparison

Pricing$25/mo. per employeeTransition plan: Free for the first year, $19.99/month for the second year   Simplify plan: $37.99/mo.   Amplify plan: $47.88/mo.Free, forever. All features are included.   Everything is unlimited.   Pricing explainer
Online bookingYesYesYes
Scheduling$25/mo. per employeeUnlimitedUnlimited
Basic booking pageYesYesYes
Customized booking page/website builderExtra $10/mo.YesYes
Automated text messages for notifications and remindersExtra $20/mo.Only with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Email marketingFree 1,000 emails. Pay extra for additional usage.Only with Amplify plan.Yes
Sell and manage gift cardsYesOnly with Amplify plan.Yes
Invoices/receiptsYesOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Basic SOAP notesYesYesYes
Premium SOAP notesNoOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansNo
Website integrationYesOnly with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Google Calendar SyncInfo not providedYesYes
Facebook & Instagram integrationYesYesYes
Force clients to create an account/sign up to bookYesYesNo
Data storageExtra $10/mo.YesYes
Digital intake formsExtra $10/mo.Only with Simplify and Amplify plansYes
Payment processing fees2.2% to 3.5% Plus $0.15 to $0.19 per transaction2.6% to 3.5% Plus $0.1 to $0.3 per transaction2.9% Plus $0.3 per transaction
Option to transfer payment processing fees to customersYesNoYes
Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled

Vagaro Vs. MassageBook Vs. Yottled: Pros and Cons

Let’s understand the pluses and minuses of each platform to help you choose the right one for your business.


Vagaro is offering a booking and scheduling platform for beauty and wellness businesses. It has many other features are add-ons to make the ale-carte. Here are some pros and cons.


  • Starts at $25/mo. per employee (bookable calendar). This rate is lower than other big players in the market.
  • Rates reduce as you add more employees.
  • The basic plan has attractive options such as a booking page, gift cards, basic SOAP notes, social media integration, and invoices.
  • Provides the option to shift payment processing fees to your clients in order to reduce business costs.


  • It makes your customers register and create accounts to book. This step creates a barrier in the booking experience as people don’t like to enter user ids and passwords all the time.
  • Too expensive for larger teams.
  • Basic features like digital forms and data storage cost $10/mo. each, i.e., $240/year for both combined.
  • Automated text messages for notifications and reminders cost an additional $20/month, i.e., $240/year, which you can get free with other platforms.


It is a platform specialized for independent massage therapists and spas. Here are some advantages and disadvantages.


  • Discounted rates for members of AMTA.
  • The basic plan includes some attractive features like Google calendar sync, a basic booking page, SOAP notes, storage, and social media integration.
  • Includes unlimited employee bookable employees.
  • Has interactive and detailed SOAP notes with upgraded plans.


  • Need to upgrade the plan to use some features massage therapists need in day-to-day business such as Automated text messages for notifications and reminders, Email marketing, and invoices.
  • Gift cards: One of the most popular amenities is not included in the basic plan and customers are forced to buy the most expensive (Amplify) plan.
  • Unlike Vagaro and Yottled, it doesn’t provide an option to pass on the payment processing fees to end customers.
  • The end customer needs to sign up before booking an appointment with any massage therapist.
  • Need to upgrade the plan to integrate the booking facility into your existing website.


Yottled is providing an all-in-one business management solution to the beauty, wellness, and fitness industries. Here are some pros and cons.


  • Doesn’t charge anything to massage therapists and spas. It charges a small convenience fee to the end users when they book. It’s 100% free to businesses.  
  • All features are included with unlimited usage.
  • Unlimited employee calendars (bookable calendars) are included.
  • No revenue sharing.
  • Gives the option to pass on payment processing fees to the final user to reduce business costs.
  • Doesn’t force clients to sign up and create an account before they can book, reducing the page abandonment rate.
  • Email marketing tool is available for free with pre-built templates and a drag-and-drop facility.
  • Some of the attractive features: Digital forms, a booking page with brand logo, and colors, social media integration, SOAP notes, storage (CRM), Google calendar sync, gift cards, and automated text and email notifications.


  • Doesn’t have advanced- interactive SOAP notes.
  • No live chat support. Only phone call, text message, and email support are available.

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