5 Insights: What Are People Looking for In Online Fitness Classes?


The concept of online fitness classes has spread like a wildfire these days. Initially, people thought it was a temporary trend due to the pandemic. But now that we have learned to live with the “new norma”l, the trend of virtual fitness still continues. That raises the question what are people looking for in online fitness classes?

After talking to many fitness enthusiasts and our clients that offer virtual fitness programs using Yottled, we came up with a list of 5 interesting insights on why online fitness classes are getting popularity.

What Are People Looking for In Online Fitness Classes?

Let’s explore why some people are preferring online fitness classes over in-person ones.

1) Working on Own Pace Without Feeling Inferior

The very unexpected and yet noteworthy point we found is that people with obesity and overweight bodies tend to feel more comfortable in a virtual fitness environment. They can exercise at their own pace and capacity, without feeling pressure to cope with the entire class. There are many types of excises and poses that overweight or elderly people find challenging to do and it takes time for them to get to that level. When they’re doing exercises in their own home comfort, they don’t feel judged among other “ideal shaped” fitness pros. That’s why they prefer online fitness classes over in-person gyms.

2) Access to Affordable Fitness Solution

Online fitness classes tend to be less expensive than the in-person studios for obvious reasons. The instructor or the business owner doesn’t need to pay for rent, utility bills, salary to admin staff, and equipment costs. All they need is all-in-one software, like Yottled (free), that handles online appointment booking, offers a webpage, and payment processor! That means fitness instructors can afford to offer their expertise at way lower rates.

3) Convenience in the Busy Schedule

What people are looking for in online fitness classes is flexibility. They can save time on the commute. Plus, with various options of live steaming, 1:1 session, and group events, they can choose what is most convenient for them at their preferred time. Fitness coaches also offer recorded sessions that people can access anytime they want.

4) Access to Fitness Experts at a Global Scale

Without any geographical boundaries, people can have access to the best talent in the fitness industry from any corner of the world. In the in-person gyms, the demos are often resource-consuming. But for online classes, it is convenient for fitness instructors to upload free trial videos or offer a free online group session for a demo to demonstrate their skills and let people decide to pay for the further services.

In an online setup, people have a wide pool of options to choose from and decide what works best for them, and suits the timings, body type, pace, and overall attitude of the instructor before committing to anything.

5) Workout in Comfort Zone with a Preferable Atmosphere

Some people don’t like loud music in the gyms and prefer light music. Some don’t like to work out in crowded and noisy places and prefer a quieter atmosphere. Many fitness enthusiasts prefer working out in nature, in gardens, woods, nearby a lake, or on the beach. Online fitness classes satisfy all these needs. That’s why they are getting more popular these days.

Conclusion on What Are People Looking for In Online Fitness Classes

People like online fitness classes to avoid commute time, work at their own pace, access the best fitness instructors on a global level at affordable rates, and exercise at their preferred time and comfort zone.  Of course, in-person fitness studios offer more motivation, and access to a variety of equipment. It depends upon an individual’s preferences to enroll in an online class, in-person gym, or hybrid fitness sessions.

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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