Yottled’s Referral Program: How it Works?

Affiliate Program for Website Developers

Earn $40 to $1,000 for each referral. Explore how!

Yottled has introduced a referral program with a generous commission and easy participation requirements. Here’s some information to help you explore more.

Who can take part in Yottled’s referral program?

Anyone, on a global level. No matter who you are, where you from, and what you do, as long as you can bring clients for us, you are qualified!

What types of clients can I bring to Yottled?

Professionals: Fitness coach, gym instructor, life coach, barber, massage therapist, makeup artist, nail and lash technician, physician, lawyer, paramedical and paralegal professional, spiritual leader, photographer, dietician, advisor, counsellor, or any other professional.

Businesses: Salon, spa, barber shop, gym, fitness studio, yoga studio, pet salon, tattoo shops, septic services, landscaping business, cleaning business, etc. Here’s the list.

What does Yottled do?

Yottled is an all-in-one software for businesses in the service industry. It includes these features.

  • Online appointment booking
  • Event Registration
  • Automatic notifications (email, text)
  • Automatic reminders (email text)
  • Digital calendars for staff scheduling
  • Payment integration
  • Membership selling
  • CRM
  • Invoices
  • Email marketing tools
  • Gift cards
  • Physical PoS
  • + 25 features.

All these features are included in one software only.

How much commission can I earn?

Yottled’s referral program’s pay band is made on the basis of the estimated annual revenue of your referred business.

Client’s annual revenue (approx.)Your commission
$5k to $49.9k$40
$50k to $100k$75
$100 to $249.9k$100
$250k to $499.9k$250
$500k to $1m$500

I know a service provider that can use Yottled. How to convenience them?

Use these 3 selling points that will help you to bring new clients to Yottled.

1) Free to use: Your referral must be using some all-in-one software at this stage and paying $50 to $600 per month for it. Tell them you know a free all-in-one software and they can save the subscription money.

It will be super easy for you to convince your clients to use Yottled because it is free for businesses. Clients can create an account and see how to navigate and use it, before committing to it. There is no upfront or monthly payment to sign up and use Yottled.

2) 1-day migration: If they’re worried about how to migrate their entire business from one software to another, tell them the migration can be done in 1 day, without losing any customers and causing inconvenience to them. Share this 1-day migration case study of our real client.

3) No credit card fees: Yottled gives clients an option to shift credit card and payment processing fees to the end customers i.e., your client’s customers. That means, businesses can save approx. 3% instantly just by shifting to Yottled. Here’s the live calculator showing how much revenue they can increase.

Need help in convincing your referral? Book your referral’s demo with our team and let our customer success team clarify the questions, and help them see the value.

When and how am I going to get paid?

Your choice of payment method: PayPal, Stripe, Wise.com, Amazon gift card

Waiting time: As soon as your referral completes the 20 first transactions on Yottled, we will issue your commission within 24 hours. For a legit business/professional, it takes 2 to 3 business days to complete 20 transactions.

How can I migrate my client’s business to Yottled? I’m not good with technology.

No worries at all. Our technical team will handle the migration process. It generally takes our team only a few hours to migrate all appointments, existing client data, and other information from one software to another.

How can I enroll in Yottled’s referral program?

Step-1: Once you talk to your referral about us, organize your referral’s introduction meeting with our customer success executive. You can also join the session if you wish. We will do the remaining convincing, and answer their questions.


Email us with the subject line “Referral Program” and send your client’s info (stated below) to hello@yottled.com. We will contact your referral from our end.

Referral info

  1. Referral’s name
  2. Business’s website URL
  3. Phone number
  4. Email Address

Step 2: Once your referral is convinced and ready to move over, our technical team will help them to migrate at their convenient time. We will handle the entire migration process.

Step 3: We will send you an email informing you about the commission amount (based on your client’s revenue) and request the following information.

  1. Your name:
  2. Phone number
  3. Prefer way to accept commission:

Step 4: When your referral completes the first 20 transactions, we will pay you the earned commission with the payment information you have provided.

I’m out of the US. Will I get paid?

Yes, it’s a global program.

However, for your referred businesses: US-based businesses are preferred. If they belong to any other country, we can admit them on a case-by-case basis.

I have more questions…

Check out our FAQ page. It’s for website developer affiliate programs but the terms and conditions are the same as a referral program. You can also contact us at hello@yottled.com with the subject line “Referral Program” to ask any questions or queries.

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