Yottled’s Affiliate Program for Website Developers- FAQs

Affiliate Program for Website Developers

Developing websites for any service-based industry, and looking for an affiliate program to make an extra passive income? Check out Yottled’s affiliate program now!

We are excited to announce our affiliate program for software and website developers on a global level. Yottled is paying up to $1,000 for each qualified referral. It’s a 100% risk-free affiliate program, without any application fees, commitments, or targets. Questions? Check out these FAQs. Still have more questions? Feel free to contact us at hello@yottled.com with the subject “Affiliate program”.

What is Yottled? What kind of software does it build?

Yottled is an all-in-one software for businesses in the service industry. It includes these features.

  • Online appointment booking
  • Event Registration
  • Automatic notifications (email, text)
  • Automatic reminders (email text)
  • Digital calendars for staff scheduling
  • Payment integration
  • Membership selling
  • CRM
  • Invoices
  • Email marketing tools
  • Gift cards
  • Physical PoS
  • + 25 features.

All these features are included in one software only. Once you install it, your client can access all these facilities instantly.

On which type of website I can integrate Yottled?

You can integrate Yottled on any hosting provider and website builder, such as

  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • WordPress
  • cPanel
  • GoDaddy
  • Weebly
  • Shopify
  • and more.

Not sure whether we can integrate it into your client’s existing website? Contact us at hello@yottled.com with the subject line “Affiliate Program”, and shoot us any questions you have.

How much does Yottled cost to my clients?

Yottled is 100% free for businesses. We charge $0.99 convenience fees to the end customers (i.e., your client’s customers) when they make a paid transaction.

At the time of checkout, when their customers make an online payment, or payment via physical PoS, or any other mode of payment, Yottled will add a small convenience fee of $0.99 to their final bill.

No costs to the businesses. Ever. Everything unlimited.

How to install Yottled’s software on my client’s website?

Step-1: Sign up with your client’s credentials. Or ask clients to sign up with their primary email address.

Step-2: Go to More from the top menu bar. Click on Integrations or Website Widgets. You will get all the embedding codes from here.

the best affiliate program for web developers

Which industries does Yottled support?

We support all service-based industries. Most of the customers belong to fitness, beauty (salons and spas), teaching and consulting ( life/ business/ fitness coaches), landscaping, and cleaning/janitorial industries. Here’s the list:  Industries that Yottled supports.

Your clients’ industry is not on the list? Contact us at hello@yottled.com and we’ll let you know if we can support it within 24 hours.

My client has a product-based business. They want to use Yottled just for gift cards. Is it possible?

Yes, it is absolutely possible! Yottled’s unique gift cards can be used by any type of business. Furthermore, if your referral uses Yottled just for creating, selling, and redeeming gift cards, and not for anything else, then also you’ll get your referral bonus.

How much commission does Yottled pay to affiliates?

Yottled’s affiliate program for website developers pays the developers on the basis of the estimated annual revenue of your referred business. Here is our pay band.

Client’s annual revenue (approx.)Your commission
$5k to $49.9k$40
$50k to $100k$75
$100 to $249.9k$100
$250k to $499.9k$250
$500k to $1m$500

Why should I choose Yottled’s affiliate program?

Here are the top 3 reasons why Yottled is the best affiliate program for website developers and their clients.

Less technical efforts: Any service-based business needs facilities like online appointment booking, payment integration, staff scheduling, CRM, etc. Either you’re going to build it yourself or embed any pre-built software. Yottled is a pre-built software that you can embed just in seconds. You don’t need to create anything from scratch. Also, it’s all-in-one software, so you and your clients don’t need to juggle different software.

Free to use: It will be super easy for you to convince your clients to use Yottled. You can create an account and let clients see how to navigate and use it, before committing to it. There is no upfront or monthly payment to sign up and use Yottled.

High payout rates: Our referral rates are highly competitive in the market.

How to enroll in Yottled’s affiliate program?

Yottled’s partnership program is easy. You’re already a part of it – congratulations! With our developer-first community, all you need to do is submit your customer for approval.

  • Qualifier: Fill out this form. After that, our team will review the business and confirm the revenue range. Yottled will validate the customer is using Yottled, connected to our payment processor, and has existing transactions. You’ll hear from us within 24 to 48 hours if we have any questions or need additional information.
  • Transaction Count: You’ll receive your payment according to the payout scale located on the FAQ page below within 24 hours after your client processes their 20th transaction.

What’s the payout time?

As soon as your client makes the 20 paid transactions on Yottled, you’ll receive the pre-decided commission within 24 hours. The paid transaction could be of any type. Online appointment booking, gift card selling, payment at check-out on the physical premises, donation acceptance, or any other way.


Yottled’s pricing model is built in a way that anyone can sign up and start using it for free, forever. There aren’t any upfront fees. Yottled makes money only when a business makes transactions. That’s why it is essential for us to make sure the business you’re referring to has a genuine interest in using Yottled as their primary all-in-one software.

What if the business I refer doesn’t use Yottled for processing paid transactions?

In that case, we will conclude that the business is not interested in using Yottled, and hence, we will hold your commission until it starts using us and we see the first 20 paid transactions. This step is necessary to make sure our affiliate program is not exploited.

Yottled has 1,000+ customers so far. As per our experience, a legit business makes 20 transactions in one or two days only. So, it’s not an unachievable target.

How am I going to track the transactions of my clients?

Option 1: Get the viewer access rights on your client’s Stripe account.

Option 2: If the above is not possible, Yottled will send you a weekly report of the number of transactions your clients made, until the count reaches 20. You can verify that data with your clients if you want.

Who is Yottled’s payment partner?

Stripe. Its payment processing fees are $2.9% + $0.3 per transaction, which is quite lower than all other payment processors like PayPal, Square, Mindbody, etc.

Yottled gives clients the option to pass on these payment fees to their end customers and increase the revenue instantly. Less than 1% of software providers give this option at this moment. Here’s a live calculator on how much businesses can save just by switching to Yottled.

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