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Beaute Anthologie's Seamless Migration from Vagaro to Yottled in 1 Day

Beaute Anthologie

Beaute Anthologie Increased Profits by $600/mo After Switching from Vagaro to Yottled

Niani B. owns Beaute Anthologie, a premium hair salon and training class in Southfield, MI. She wanted to replace Vagaro due to its expensive add-ons and decided to use Yottled’s free all-in-one software. Yottled made the transition seamless - taking less than 24 hours.  Customer data and appointments were instantly migrated and staff found it easier to use than Vagaro.

 Niani’s entire business, including her

  • employees’ schedules from the digital calendars, 

  • existing appointments, 

  • customers’ data from CRM, and 

  • booking page, 

got set up and started running on Yottled just in 24 hours. Niani and her employees found Yottled easy to navigate and got accustomed to it in just 1 day. 

Niani’s Migration Story 

“I was looking for Vagaro alternatives and found Yottled a perfect match because it was free for my business and all the features were included without any usage limits. But I was panicky when it comes to migration”, said Niani.

  • September 28, 2022: Niani Contacted Yottled to check if migration was feasible before her next Vagaro subscription renewal date, which was Oct 1, 2022. 

  • September 29, 2022: Our onboarding expert helped her migrate the entire business, including customer data, existing appointments, contact lists, and digital calendars for all her employees.

  • September 30, 2022: She cancelled her Vagaro subscription, and started running her business successfully on Yottled on the same day.

“I have used every all-in-one software, like Mindbody, Booker, Acuity Scheduling, etc. and I thought it would take 3 to 4 months to get the business up and running in the new software. I was worried about the inconvenience my clients and employees have to go through in the transition. But Yottled astonished me by showing how quick and smooth the migration process can be!”, added Niani enthusiastically. 

Niani not only saved $200/mo. for her Vagaro subscription, but is also saving 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction just by passing on the payment processing fees to her customers. That means, by the end of the year, she’ll increase her bottom line by approx. $9k just by changing the software.

Why Niani wanted to replace Vagaro in the first place? 

“When I started with Vagaro, it seemed like a small business-friendly solution, but soon I realized that wasn’t the case. For every essential component, I had to pay extra. I was paying additional fees for each bookable calendar, and features like text messaging, PoS, forms, online store, and storage i.e., Vagaro drive,”. With Yottled, everything was included with unlimited usage. Which means, I don’t have to worry about sending an extra email, text, form, or adding a new employee calendar,” said Niani. 

Vagaro’s limited email/text usage vs. Yottled everything unlimited policy

Niani’s final bill for the Vagaro subscription went up to $200 with all the features she needed. One of the most unfair things for her was the limitation on email usage. Vagaro has a limit of 1,000 emails. For additional emails, you need to pay extra. Any business owner understands a cap of 1,000 emails is not sufficient. 

“It was a pleasant surprise for me to know email and text messages are unlimited in Yottled. All the notifications, reminders, bulk marketing emails, and customized emails are unlimited. Same with text messages. This is an important feature for my business and I’m highly impressed with Yottled in this regard,” added Niani. 

Yottled’s unlimited calendars for employees’ scheduling

“I decided to use only 3 digital calendars for scheduling, although I have a team of 6 employees because I had to pay extra for each bookable calendar in Vagaro. But with Yottled, I set up the calendars for all my employees for free. I can even add more without worrying about the cost. I can’t believe everything is free for me, forever”, said Niani. 

Final Words

“I would strongly recommend Yottled to anyone who’s looking for a Vagaro alternative. The migration is fast and your employees will learn Yottled pretty quickly as it is easy to navigate. You’ll not only save on your heavy subscription fees but also get an option to shift payment processing fees to clients. It’s a win-win deal,” concluded Niani. 

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