The Best Barbershop PoS System

Accept payments for your barbershop in any way you want: Online, credit cards, debit cards, cash, check, Venmo, or through the physical point-of-sale machine.

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  • Virtual PoS

    Accept payments online with Yottled's virtual PoS for barbershops. Store credit/debit card data on file for quick payments. Take 100% advanced payments, charge a partial non-refundable deposit, or take the entire payment later on- No matter what your pricing policy is, Yottled got you covered. Payments can be integrated in seconds without any coding or technical requirement.

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  • Physical Point of Sale

    Get a physical PoS device for your barbershop with the latest NFC technology. It is small, wireless, and user-friendly to accept payment on your premises. Deposit $300 up front and get the $300 back after you process $5,000 in credit card transactions in any 30-day period.

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  • All Other Types of Payment

    Accept payment through cash, bank check, or Venmo and mark the transaction as paid. Yottled's software seamlessly integrates with the CRM, appointment booking, and payments so that you can track all the paid and unpaid transactions instantly.

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  • Eliminate Payment Processing Fees

    Yottled's PoS system for barbershops has a unique feature of transferring payment processing fees to your customers. You can get rid of those pesky fees and increase your profits by approx. 3% instantly.

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Online appointment booking

A personalized booking page

Email and text notifications

Automated invoices and billing

Point of sale (PoS)

Waivers creation

SOAP notes

Gift cards

Payment integration

Digital scheduler

Custom intake forms

Tip collection

Cancellation and refund terms creation

Email marketing tools and templates

Coupons, promos and discount codes generation

Reports for payroll and commission

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