9 Landscape Management Services That Help You Earn More Customers

landscape management services

Landscaping businesses usually offer many of the same services to customers: lawn mowing, seasonal lawn maintenance, fertilizing in the spring and early fall, and maybe garden maintenance. Your landscaping business can set itself apart and earn more customers if you offer more services. Here are some landscape management services that can help you get more customers.

#1. Snow Shoveling & Plowing

Seasonal landscape management services are the easiest place to start. That’s because you can offer more services to the same customers in a different season, and keep your business profitable all year long. Plus you don’t have to hire extra staff or lay anyone off seasonally if you’re servicing the same customers around the calendar. Show shoveling or plowing are great services to add to a landscape management business to keep working with the same customers all year long. Plus, you might gain more customers, who find you in winter and keep you on for spring lawncare.

#2. Weed Control

Clients who hire you to cut their lawn might need occasional help keeping their lawn in good condition, whether that’s fertilizing or weed control. Many lawncare management services start with lawn mowing and gradually expand to offer weed control to keep the lawn in its best shape. Weed control can be as simple as pesticides (with license to apply) and as complex as optimizing the type of sod replacing old grass for the regional climate.

#3. Grub Control

Grub control: no one wants to talk about this yucky lawn problem, but it happens. Your clients might notice dead spots in their lawn and ask for help. Adding grub control inspections and care to your lawncare business can be a great way to help clients keep their lawns in great condition and gain a reputation for saving the sod.

#4. Aeration

Lawns can get tamped down from poor water drainage, high traffic and more, and this makes it difficult for grass to grow over the years. Aeration services are an easy add-on for lawncare that help your lawns stay healthy and oxygenated and draining properly.

#5. Mosquito & Tick Control

Mosquito spraying or perimeter treatments for other pesky insects can be a service you add on to lawn maintenance so that your clients can enjoy their lawn year round. Tick control is another option: especially for humans and dogs entering a lawn near a field.

We hope this gives you a few ideas for services you can add to your landscape management business. Remember to research the right season for each service in your region. Aeration and fertilization, as well as insect control, work best when handled in the right month for your state.

#6. Window Washing

Ever asked if a customers windows need to be washed? Odds are – they do. Even better, it costs a few dollars for squeegee and scrubber – so you’re a water supply away from making profit.

#7. Gutter Cleaning

Life hack for gutter cleaning – use a leaf blower to do the work for you. You’ll be able to knock out 10 houses per day if you pop a ladder up on the house, leaf blower out the gutters…then you’ll be like Jay-Z. On to the next one. (we can’t promise you’ll run the town but certainly make a few dollars along the way)

Tugba GIF | Gfycat

#8. Pool Cleaning

Looking for some recurring revenue over the summer? Start skimming some pools and making sure they’re spic and span. Don’t know what’s involved in cleaning a pool? Here’s a 5 minute video (and you’ll be a pro in no time).

#9. Power Washing

Admit it – you feel all powerful when you pick up that power washer. And for what you’re likely going to charge, you’ll have the cost of one paid off in one visit. We can already hear Tim Allen laughing in the background.

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