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Yottled is a free gift card generator, redemption, and management software. Generate unlimited digital gift cards, promo codes, and discount coupons to gain customer loyalty and accelerate your business growth.

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Yottled is the Easiest Software to Generate, Sell, and Accept Gift Cards

90%+ shoppers in the US buy or receive a gift card every year. Make sure your business offers them to strive in the competition.

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  • Gift Card Generation

    Generate digital gift cards in seconds. Issue personalize gift cards with the recipient's name and have a unique code on them. Or build gift cards in bulk and sell them on your online storefront. Add various monetary values and covered services with ease.

    Check this out: How to generate gift card codes using Yotted

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  • Seamless Gift Card Buying Experience

    Let your customers buy gift cards directly from your website or your personalized Yottled webpage. Get them delivered directly to the recipients' email addresses and text messages. Delight your customers with an easy gift card buying and sharing experience.

    Share links of your gift cards on Facebook, Instagram, and emails in seconds and let customers buy directly from there.

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  • Gift Cards for Product and Service Industries

    Sell gift cards for your services or physical products. Yottled can integrate with any type of software and payment processor. Yottled's gift cards easily sync with

    • Square,

    • WordPress,

    • GoDaddy,

    • Wix,

    • cPanel,

    • and any other type of website builder.

    We also provide a dedicated page for gift cards on our platform if you don't have a website or want a separate page for hosting gift cards.

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  • Accept Gift Cards as Payment Method

    Yottled's powerful payment integration software will let you accept any form of payment. Let people pay by redeeming gift cards and the remaining amount (if any) by credit card, cash, or bank transfer. Our credit card processor gives you an option to shift CC fees to your clients' final bill and helps you save approximately 3% instantly.

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  • Additional Lead Generating and Loyalty Tools

    Yottled's gift card management software comes with other customer retention tools, too.

    Promo Code: Generate promo codes and discount codes in seconds. Boost your marketing campaigns and get an accurate insight into which type of coupons, campaigns, and distribution channels are working.

    Email Marketing: With Yottled's pre-built email marketing templates, you'll see an average 2x increase in the clickthrough rate. Send newsletters, promotions, deals, upcoming events, and more with our drag-and-drop campaign builder.

    Social Media Integration: We seamlessly integrate also with Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Share promo codes and coupons on social media for better reach.

Free Gift Card Codes Generator

Yottled is 100% free for businesses. Generate unlimited gift cards, promo codes, and coupons without any cost to you. In return, we will charge $0.99 to your customers when they buy a gift card. Sign up and start using Yottled instantly without any credit card requirement or commitment.

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