Online Form Builder

Create online intake forms, surveys, waivers, and more and integrate them into your own website. Yottled automatically updates contact records with the responses so you and your staff are prepared to serve your clients.

Sell your digital products online in seconds

Create forms online

With Yottled's custom forms, you can request any data you need, ask customer to agree to liability agreements, custom cancellation terms, and more.

intake forms
  • Customizable forms

    With Yottled's easy-to-use online form builder, you'll be able to ask any question you need, ensuring you delight your customer and equip your business with the right data. Get ready to:

    • Have customers agree to custom liability agreements

    • Provide custom cancellation policies

    • Run surveys

    • Send health intake requests

    • and more

enforce cancellation fees
  • Collect Credit Cards

    Yottled's form builder securely collects and stores credit card information. Customers can easily make purchases and bookings while you protect your business and staff by enforcing cancellation and no-show policies.

client relationship management
  • Update Client Records

    Yottled automatically updates contact records with the information they've provided when they fill out intake forms, surveys, and more. Best of all, we'll properly organize your contacts - ensuring you don't have duplicated customers. Rest assured, when your clients fill out their forms, we'll associate their information with the right contact record.

yottled reviews
  • Get Reviews

    Get reviews where it matters - on Google, Facebook, Yelp, and where people are actually trying to find your business. Yottled will help ensure your business is recognized and found with the best search results - driving people to where it matters - your business.

send intake form
  • Put Forms Anywhere

    With Yottled's online form builder, you can use forms anywhere. Email, text, on your website, in front of a service or product, automatically when someone books, manually, and more. In just one click, you can have customers fill out the information you need.

Create intake forms, contact forms, surveys, feedback forms, and registration forms in seconds

Yottled takes care of everything you need to create online forms. You’ll be collecting data and growing your business in minutes.

Customer data

Capture customer data so you can follow up and increase future conversions.

Analytics & reports

Segment customers based on information they fill out so you know what’s working (and what isn’t).

Realtime communication

Communicate with customers instantly so you can follow up and close more sales.

Notifications & reminders

Send customizable marketing campaigns to your customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. When a survey is completed, you can optionally receive an email notification with the results.

Surveys are linked directly to your CRM so that anytime one of your customers completes a survey, their profile is automatically updated with the survey results. You can then use these results in marketing campaigns or when hosting events to provide a personalized experience to your customers.

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