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  • integrity lash

    Tussanee Luebbers

    Integrity Lash

    I am saving $500 to $600 per month just by shifting to Yottled. I don’t have to pay Booker’s monthly subscription costs or payment processing fees. A cherry on top is that Yottled is way easier to use.

  • nails by sheryll case study yottled review


    Nails By Sheryll

    Just in one month, I saved approx. $260 that I would have otherwise paid to Square! It’s worth my two weeks’ nail supplies and raw materials combined! I wish I had found Yottled before. Shifting to Yottled was the best business decision I made.

  • Beaute Anthologie

    Niani B

    Beaute Anthologie

    Yottled completed my entire migration in 1 day. I was worried about the inconvenience my clients have to go through in the transition. But Yottled astonished me by showing how quick and smooth the migration process can be!

  • renea

    Renea Hanks

    Solid Solutions Today

    I absolutely love Yottled!!! For a really long time, I wanted a service that does exactly what Yottled does - everything in one place. It is our CRM, our email marketing, events, memberships and so much more on a super clean interface that is a pleasure to set up. The walk through tour is unbelievably simple. I love our Yottled!

  • tammy

    Tammy D’alesandro

    Tayglo Flow

    I found Yottled through the girl creating my website. I told her I needed a place to host my classes. But I didn’t want to be on a big platform where I would get lost. Yottled is like a small family-feel community. People are missing connection right now. You’ll get that connection even though it’s virtual.

  • amanda

    Amanda Warner

    Amanda K. Fitness

    My favorite feature is how easy it is to accept payments. I don’t have to think about payments. Before I was anxious a lot, figuring out how to take payments, fees, and do record keeping. With Yottled, I have direct deposit.

  • aadya

    Melissa Smith

    AaDya Security

    Yottled is more streamlined than Eventbrite. Eventbrite isn’t difficult to use, but on Yottled it’s easy to access customers and events and you don’t have to navigate through anything else.

  • andrea

    Andrea Roman

    Dre and Jac Yoga

    I tried to do Zoom classes on my own and felt a little chaotic. Switching to Yottled was super easy. It’s the difference between $20 an hour and $100 an hour with no commute.

  • Cris Jones - Owner

    Cris Jones

    Cris Fitt Fitness

    I am not a technology person. Yottled has taken care of everything for me in the simplest way possible. I get everything I need so I just show up and coach. It's easy for me and even easier for my clients.

  • Jose Malave - Owner

    Jose Malave

    Training Day Fitness

    Yottled prioritizes my success as a coach and makes my life easier. Yottled is simple and easy to use. The value of the service is unbelievable.

  • Allison Marshal Folley Owner

    Allison Marshal Folley

    Professional Dance Instructor

    A big benefit that I have found with Yottled, is that I used to make $30 per hour after a 2 hour commute to the studio. Now I’m making $70 to $100 per hour with no commute.

  • Tim Faucette - Owner

    Tim Faucette

    TF Fitness

    Yottled's user-friendly platform eliminates the need for multiple apps. The simple approach to technology makes it easy for you to get up and running. You focus on coaching. Yottled will take care of your business. Yottled cares about you.

  • Nelle Tatum - Owner

    Nelle Tatum

    RED for Agents Real Estate

    If you're looking for an app that's going to assist with registration, communication, and collecting information to integrate with your CRM, Yottled is it. They have amazing customer support and are dedicated to making sure you and your clients have a great experience.

  • Jessa Johnson - Owner

    Jessa Johnson

    Bright Life Massage

    I have tried out many products. I am a massage therapist, yoga therapist, coach and offer many types of sessions, and some day want to offer online courses. There is not a platform out there, that I know of where I can do this. Plus have email marketing and funnels!!!