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Know each detail of your business from Yottled's efficient reports.

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  • What’s included?

    Yottled’s reports include

    Service-related: Customer name, service date and time (performed in the past and also prebooked for future), service/product details, price, quantity, tax, employee who performed the service, tips, and commission.

    Payment related: Mode of payment, i.e., credit card, gift card, cash, cheque, Venmo.

    Other: Order link, business location (if you have more than one location), PoS details

    Check out: Sample report

  • Report usage

    The reports can be exported and downloaded in CSV, xlsx, and JSON format.

    Calculate tips, and commissions with ease.

    Generate and manage payroll efficiently.

    Sort and filter the reports to explore the various business insights, such as

    • most revenue-generating employees,

    • clients that make the highest purchase,

    • services bought by gift card redemption,

    • most popular services, etc.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.