Who we are

Yottled is a software as a service.  It enables traditional client businesses to take their businesses online with video, automated scheduling, a personal page, and other technology.


  • This is Yottled’s privacy policy
  • You own your data and your information.  We may change the information we collect, but will always let you know when a change happens.
  • We collect information to run our service.  Right now, that consists of:
    • Your email to setup the service and send you information
    • Your name for your site
    • A description of your service
    • A description of your sessions and classes
    • Your clients emails to coordinate with your customers
    • Your google calendar to provide automated scheduling
    • Anonymized data for uptime and session connection
    • Information to use to Stripe
  • At this time, we use the following 3rd party products:
    • Facebook and Google to ensure we are creating value
    • Google Meet for video
    • Heroku to provide cloud services
    • Mailchimp for email automation
    • Datadog for uptime
    • Stripe for credit card payments
    • WordPress and Bluehost for our website hosting
  • We aspire to create new, innovative products and offerings.  This means using anonymized information from you to ensure we are creating value.  At this time, we do not have a way to enable people to opt out of our anonymized data collection to improve our features.
  • You may also receive content from us about how you can improve your offerings.
  • We comply with all data privacy laws (California, GDPR, etc.)
  • We do not resell any of your information.
  • If you want to stop using our service and want to have your data deleted, please send a note to hello@yottled.com.  We will be happy to delete your data.