Sell Memberships

Sell memberships online or in-person with exclusive benefits. Easily establish recurring revenue with autopay, billing your clients automatically. Clients check-in to your offerings with your portal and staff is credited for their work.

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The Ultimate Plan

Automatically bill your clients for access to classes, private sessions, or events. Set your billing terms, billing date, proration, and more. It's so easy to do, you'll wonder why you didn't do it earlier.

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  • Membership Settings

    Sell membership on your terms. Create and set any terms you need.

    • Automatically renew memberships when you need. Weekly, monthly, or annually.

    • Prorate purchases and have set billing dates for new sign-ups.

    • Require approval for select for memberships to join.

    • Create private memberships for select clients with exclusive discounts.

    • Decide what is - and what isn't - included in each membership tier and program.

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  • Automated, No Hassle

    Yottled handles automated billing for you and your clients. Clients receive receipts automatically from you. Yottled ensures clients can access events, classes, appointments, content, and the building per your terms. Further, staff is automatically credited for their work, ensuring payroll and commissions are always correct.

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  • Member Portal

    Each member receives their own dedicated, members only space to manage their membership. Members can one-click register for events, classes, or private appointments. Best of all, it's completely branded for your business.

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  • Sell Memberships Online

    Sell your memberships and packages online for simple, easy checkout. Embed your membership offerings on any website, send checkout links to customers in marketing emails or text messages, or use a free Yottled ecommerce site.

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  • Front Desk Ready

    Your front desk will always know who has an active or inactive membership - no app required.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once a membership has been created, clients will see a new banner on your personal page showing they can become a member. Additionally, you can invite people to become members.

After a client becomes a member, Yottled handles all of the monthly billing. You don’t need to do anything.

Clients get their own personal page to manage their membership. They can always access it by visiting and logging in as a client.

You choose how many classes, appointments, and content are available per plan. They will be deducted from the clients weekly or monthly plan. If you offer an unlimited plan, clients can sign up for as many private sessions or classes as they wish.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

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