Tips and Commission Tracking

With Yottled’s power of automation, calculate tips and commissions for your employees with ease.

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  • Tips Information on Your Fingertips

    Our insightful reports show tips earned by your staff for each service they provide.

    • Set up % of tips and a custom message at checkout to encourage clients to add the tips.

    • Split the tips if the service is provided by two or more employees.

    • Calculate how much tip money to pay your staff members for a given date range.

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  • Calculate Commission Automatically

    If you’re paying staff members a percentage of the revenue on the services they provide and products they sell, Yottled is the simplest software to help you track and calculate such commissions.

    • Set a flat rate commission if all your employees are getting the same commission percentage.

    • Customize the commission rate on a per-item basis, and per-employee basis if you have different rates.

    • Set the commission rates and Yottled will automatically calculate the commission earned on each transaction.

No Need to Pay Extra for Tips and Commissions

If your all-in-one software provider is charging extra for adding tips and commissions, it’s time to change! Yottled is 100% free for businesses. It is equipped with all the features, including tips and commissions.

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