Yottled Pricing Explainer

How does Yottled make money?

  • Yottled is always free for businesses.

    • No subscription charges.

    • No revenue sharing.

    • No upgrades.

    We charge your end customers a $0.99 convenience fee when they book an appointment, purchase a membership, or register for a paid event.

    By default, your clientele pays the convenience fee, unless you (the business) decide to absorb it


    Bob, the barber, uses Yottled for his salon. John, the customer, books a haircut appointment with Bob worth $40. At the checkout, John will pay $40.99 ($40 haircut + $0.99 Yottled’s convenience fee).

    Bob (the business owner) doesn’t need to pay anything out of pocket to use Yottled. He uses the entire software for free, forever. All features are included. Everything is unlimited. The cost of the software is borne by the end customers, i.e., John, in our example.

    In other words, the businesses don't pay any subscription fees to Yottled. Your final customers see a mild increase in their bills.

  • Applicable payment processing fees

    You'll get an option to push payment processing fees on your customer's final bill. At this stage, our payment partner charges 2.9% + $0.3 for all types of transactions. You can transfer these fees to your customer and reduce the business cost instantly.

    In the above example,

    John, the customer, gets a bill of $42.45.

    = $40 + $1.46 (payment processing fees) + 0.99 (Yottled convenience charges)

    Bob, the business owner, will take the entire $40 into his pockets. Now, he doesn't need to pay anything to the payment merchant or software provider.

    Profit Increase

    Let's say a business's revenue is $100,000/year. Yottled will help it increase the revenue by approx. 5%. Here's how it works. By shifting payment processing fees to its customers, the business will increase its revenue by approx. $3,000 instantly, which otherwise it had to pay to the payment merchant from its earnings. Plus, the business is saving an additional $1,000 to $2,500 per year which it is supposed to pay to other software providers. It is using Yottled for 100% free with all the features, unlimited team members, unlimited usage, and unlimited storage.

More sales. More clients. Less overhead.

The only operating system built for service-based businesses.