Aloe Vera Wrap: Meaning, Pricing, Types, Benefits

aloe vera body wrap treatment

The concept of body wrap spa treatments has spread like wildfire these days. One of such body wrap treatment is aloe vera wrap. In this article, we have covered what is aloe vera body wrap, its types, cost, and benefits.

What is an Aloe Vera Body Wrap?

There are two main components of aloe body wrap therapy.

1) Aloe vera or herbs infused applicators: Body care products made with aloe vera abstracts such as creams, lotions, oil, gels, or clay are applied to the body with hands, spatula, or brushes.

2) Body wraps: Wraps made with cotton, plastic, aluminum foil, or other material are wrapped around the body to boost the effects of aloe-based products.

In aloe vera wrap treatment, pure aloe vera gel or products made from aloe vera are applied to the body. Various herbs and aloe vera detox the body, calm it down, and provides glowing skin. The wraps amplify the herb’s effects by opening up the pores with its warmth and providing firmness to the skin.

In many herbal body wraps, aloe vera gel is used as the base because aloe itself is a natural herb. Some therapists include herbs in the aloe vera wrap, too. Hence, in many spas, aloe wraps and herbal wraps are the same things.

Aloe body wrap treatment is available in a small number of spas only. You can also apply the aloe wrap method at home. All you need is some special aloe vera products and wraps.

Type Of Aloe Vera Wraps

Just like any other body wrap treatment, aloe wrap therapy can also be done in five types of wraps.

1) Cotton Cloth Wraps

A cotton cloth soaked in warm water is wrapped around the body. Some spas add extra herbs, aroma oils, and other liquid beauty solutions in the warm water, too. It is wrapped with medium tightness, in a way that the aloe solution applied to the body doesn’t come out of the cotton’s holes. The warmth of the cotton cloth opens up the pores and provides extra moisture to the skin.

Aloe vera body wrap treatment with wrapping cloth
Aloe vera body wrap treatment with a wrapping cloth

2) Cotton Strips

A thick cotton strip is tightly wrapped around the body like Egyptians used to wrap mummies in old times. Unlike the cotton cloth, the dry strips are directly applied from their roll and not soaked in anything.

Herbal body wraps with cotton strips
Herbal body wraps with cotton strips

3) Wrap Patches

These wraps are made with cotton or paper and are soaked in various aroma oils, and detox solutions. These wrap patches are small and used for aloe vera wrap treatment in the targeted body parts such as the stomach, arms, back, legs, thighs, and buttocks. They are easily available online and are popular for home-based herbal body wrap therapy.

herbal and aloe vera body wraps for weight loss

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4) Plastic Body Wraps

The plastic roll (similar to a food wrapping roll) is used for body wrapping. After applying the aloe vera-based solution, the body is tightly wrapped with plastic film. Some people just use oil or semi-liquid scrubs on the skin before plastic wrapping. This type of aloe vera body wrap therapy is popular for weight loss, toning, and skin tightening.

Home-based herbal body wrapping therapy with a plastic roll
Home-based aloe body wrapping treatment with a plastic roll

5) Aluminium foil wrap

As the name indicates, the body is wrapped up in aluminum foil after the application of the beauty solution. This method is popular when a warm (heated) solution is applied to the skin. The aluminum foil keeps the heat intact, which ultimately makes the pore opening process faster and lets the solution penetrate into the skin with better intensity.

Aloe vera body wraps with aluminum-based wrapping material
Aloe vera body wraps with aluminum-based wrapping material

Benefits of Aloe Vera Body Wraps

Here are the benefits of aloe body wrapping treatment.

  • Detox
  • Skin Tightening
  • Relaxation and Stress Relief
  • Skin Toning
  • Skin Softening
  • Contouring loose skin

Does Aloe vera body wrap work for weight loss?

Although there is no medically proven evidence that any aloe vera body wrapping treatment actually helps in weight loss, there are millions of people claim that aloe wraps helped them lose some inches. The logic behind this observation is that the body wrapping technic, especially when it involves plastic and aluminum foil, generates heat and makes people sweat. People lose excess water and toxins when they sweat; the concept is the same as that of a sauna bath.

Another logic behind losing weight with aloe vera body wrap is that the skin is able to absorb aloe vera detoxification product more effectively as the heat of the wrap opens up the pores. Once absorbed, the detox blend will allow fat cells to release the toxins into the lymphatic system.

Note: There are no medically proven benefits of body wrapping treatment. The above-mentioned benefits are claimed by the therapists, spa owners, and wrap manufacturers; and reported by the customers after receiving the aloe vera wrap or herbal wrap treatments.

Aloe Wrap Pricing

Aloe body wrap treatment wrap therapy’s one session lasts for 45 to 60 minutes. Spas charge $60 to $85 for one session.

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