Atomic Grants 2023: Rules, Eligibility, Application, Deadlines, Grant Money

Atomic Grants 2023: Rules, Eligibility, Application, Deadlines, Grant Money image

Here is all the information you need to apply for Atomic grants for women in 2023.

What is an Atomic Grant?

Atomic Grants are awarded to provide financial support to women to pursue and accelerate the activities they are passionate about. Any 21+ years woman around the globe can participate in it just by filling out an application form.

Atomic Grants are organized by Passion Collective Co. Passion Collective is a group that organizes various events, podcasts, and training sessions to help women discover their passions and provide the necessary resources to pursue them. The sponsors of the Atomic Grants are Atomic Data Group, an IT service firm and Keystone Group.

Atomic Grant Application Rules

Any woman who wants to make a big change in her and others’ lives by following their passions and dreams is awarded this grant.  

  • Application form: Fill out the application form with the maximum details about your passion, how it is going to impact your life and make a difference in others’ lives, and how the grant will help in achieving those goals.
  • Membership: At the time of application, you must be a member of Passion Collective. You can do so just by signing up for their mailing list.
  • Prize money: There is no partnership, revenue sharing or equity sharing. You’re not supposed to pay it back, either. You can use the grant money in any way you want to fulfil your objectives.
  • Mandatory for grand winners: If you win the grant,you must share your story in long-form detailed content where you talk about your passions and how the grant money helped you fulfil your dreams. This story will be published on Passion Collective’s website and all social media channels.  
  • Taxes: You’re liable to pay applicable taxes on the grant money.

Atomic Grant Price Amount and Benefits

  • $1500 cash grant
  • 3 sessions (one hour each) of coaching and mentoring from the experts of Keystone Group International
  • Free year of membership to Passion Collective On Demand, worth $395


You can apply for Atomic Grant if you’re a 21+ female, who wants to start or have already started a business, social community, support group, or a new career path that is (or will be) making a positive difference in your and others’ lives.

Here are the examples of people who won the grant: Grant winners’ stories

  • It must be a business/activity owned by you. You can’t apply for others’ businesses.
  • You must have 100% financial control over the grant amount and authority to carry out the work funded by the grant.

Application Deadlines

Atomic grant application deadlines for all four quarters of 2023. 5 p.m. CST on these dates.

  • March 17, 2023
  • June 23, 2023
  • September 22, 2023
  • December 15, 2023

Selection Process

  • After you submit the application form, you may receive a phone call to clarify some questions.
  • The Passion Collective’s team will shortlist a bunch of applications.
  • The passion Collective community will vote from the shortlisted applications.
  • If you win the grant, you need to sign the recipient agreement in order to receive the money.

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