Balayage Growing Out: How to Manage Balayage Regrowth

balayage regrowth

In this article, we will explore the effects of balayage growing out, how long does Balayage last, and how to handle balayage regrowth.

What Does Balayage Mean? Definition

Balayage definition: Balayage means hand painting the hair in a freehand style to create a natural transition from the original hair color to the selected hair color. In the balayage technique, the hairstylists start painting the hair from the middle instead of coloring them from the roots. The hair color is applied in a way that the base color i.e. hair’s natural shade remains the same from the roots, and the new, gradually lighter tone, takes over to the ends. 

Highlights vs. Balayage hair: In highlighting, some strands of hair are colored from the roots to the tips. These selected strands look lighter than the rest of the hair, creating a contrast. While in balayage, all the hairs are coloured but starting from the midsection, instead of from the roots. In balayage, the top portion of hair i.e. the hair tone nearer to the roots is kept in your original color and the new tone, generally, a lighter shade starts smudging some hair strands from the middle and gradually covers all the hair reaching to the tips. In highlight, the entire hair strand is colored, from top to bottom.

balayage vs highlights. Difference between balayage and highlights.
Balayage vs highlights.

Balayage Growing Out: How to Manage?

Balayage growing out is easier to manage because the color is not applied to your roots. Balayage is one of the low-maintenance solutions because the roots are kept in the original hair color. When new hair grows, the balayage effect still remains the same in the middle and lower parts of the hair. Plus, the transition from natural hair color to the new tone is done in a soft-subtle way so that when new hair grows from the roots, it still doesn’t give an uneven look. 

How long does Balayage last in your hair?

For regular hair growth, the hand-painted balayage lasts 22 to 28 weeks. If you have fast hair growing tendency, it lasts 16 to 20 weeks. How long the balayage last in your hair depends largely upon the maintenance of hair, too. If you’re not using heated straighteners/curlers and harsh haircare products like hairsprays, dry shampoos, and styling gels, balayage can last up to 28 to 30 weeks as well. But if you give your hair harsh treatment, and wash your hair on daily bases with chemical and paraben-infused shampoos and conditioners, the balayage won’t last more than 10 to 12 weeks.   

How Often Should You Get a Balayage?

You should get balayage every 6 to 7 months only. Because hair from roots still has the original tone, the balayage regrowth doesn’t create an uneven tone or a visible regrowth line immediately. Due to this unique advantage, you can get balayage only once in 6 to 7 months. 

How often to get a balayage touch-up?

It is recommended not to have touch-ups in between two full balayage sessions because hair is painted and smudged in a way that it gives a smooth natural transition. Any additional small root touch-up is likely to change the entire harmony. Instead, get a full balayage session at the interval of 6 to 7 months only.

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