Top 4 Trends in Small Business Software To Expect This Year

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If you’re a small business owner, you probably wish you had a crystal ball to make it through the next year or two after so many challenges recently hit at once. We can do you one better. We’ve collected to top trends expected to affect small business owners this year so you can see what’s coming. Get ready for cashless payments, automated invoice processing, automated scheduling software for small business, and more.

#1. E-commerce Businesses Will Outpace Brick and Mortar

No surprise here, that AllBusiness expects e-commerce businesses to thrive in 2022 because “customers can easily and safely shop from home”. Business owners are also finding the up sides to this business model because it helps them save enormously on overhead costs.

Need to understand what e-commerce means? You’ll need to be ready to accept cashless payments online, create automated invoice processing, and more.

In a nutshell – be ready to move online. And you can do it! We know – it’s hard to think about moving online but you can do it – even if you’re keeping track of things on paper right now and the idea of accepting credit card payments seems daunting.

#2. Cashless Payments & Automated Customer Service Have Arrived

Gone are the days when cash was the norm or you have to deal with a human for customer service. If you run a business big or small, these days you need credit card payment or online payment options or you’re losing out on the majority of customers, and you should have a way to automate customer service.

Forbes predicts that in 2022, one of the top trends driving small business success will be for small businesses to adopt the technologies of big business. Think automated customer service, cloud services to scale operations and easy payment options – which means cashless payment systems.

#3. Virtual Work Is Here To Stay

From remote work to virtual events, the patterns established by the COVID-19 pandemic have permanently altered how we communicate and work remotely. Besides being safer and saving people time, virtual events and remote work also make participation in the workforce and public events more accessible to some people who are otherwise disabled. This trend in virtual communication also means businesses need to be great at keeping customers and employees happy at a distance.

#4. Automated Scheduling Software

Automated scheduling software for small business is going to start to make things even easier. Whether for individual consulting, one-on-ones, group classes, or more, convenience is the way of the future.

Ever Googled a small business – want to get in contact with them – and they have “call us”? You “nope” right out of there don’t you…

Why would you want to do the same thing? Run a landscaping, home care, photography, or other service based business? Provide an elegant, simple to use booking tool so your clients can contact you when they need, pay for your services in a simple, cashless payment option, and use best in class automated invoice processing. Welcome to the future where simple and easy rule.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Hopefully in a more empathic, understanding, efficient and intelligent direction. What we love about these trends in small business is that they reflect a new understanding in the global consciousness that you don’t have to sacrifice kindness for efficiency. Many changes happening in small business reflect changes people are making to their lives that prioritize both human empathy and improved efficiency through technology.

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Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan

Laura K. Cowan is a tech editor and journalist whose work has focused on promoting sustainability initiatives for automotive, green tech and conscious living media outlets. A deep study of narrative journalism, storytelling and sustainable technology allows Ms. Cowan to draw out the meaningful stories of best practices from diverse professionals in an exploration of the culture and trends in emerging industries. She is currently Co-Founder and Executive Editor of Midwest tech news blog, Cronicle Press. Ms. Cowan’s writing and speaking have appeared with Automobile Quarterly, Writer Unboxed, Inhabitat, CNBC, The Ann Arbor Observer and The National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

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