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If you’re confused about how to process card payments in a salon, you’re not alone. At Yottled, we meet hundreds of salon and spa owners, hair stylists, and nail artists every month who wonder how to process card payments in a salon and avoid burning money on expensive solutions. Yottled facilitates credit card processing for salons like a pro. Let’s explore how.

The Easiest 2 Methods for Credit Card Processing for Salons

How to process card payments in a salon? These are the two essential components for salons to accept payment by processing credit cards.

1) Online Payment: Customers pay online at the time of booking a service. It is also known as virtual PoS.

2) PoS Machine: A physical machine that lets you swipe or digitally read the credit card (or debit card), lets customers enter the CVV, accepts the payment, and provides receipts.

Yottled provides both of them with a CRM to keep a track of payment history and customer details.

Let’s understand both of these components in detail.

1) Online Payment for Salons

You can offer an online booking/reservation feature on your website or Yottled’s complimentary booking page. List out all your services, employees’ availability, and payment options. Clients book the services online at their convenient time, without back-and-forth emails and phone calls.

Here’s what online hair salon credit card processing looks like.

Yottled is one of the leading salon software providers that offer this feature. The unique thing about Yottled is that it enables salons to avoid credit card processing fees. All the credit card processor merchants charge some % of your revenue and a fixed amount per transaction.

For example, Stripe charges 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction. Same for PayPal and other similar payment processors. Yottled gives you an option to transfer these fees to your customers’ final bill. While their final bill increases by a small number, you-as a business will save a huge cumulative amount. For example, if your annual revenue is $500,000, you can instantly increase it by $15,000 just by using Yottled. Did we mention Yottled is 100% free

All you need is to sign up and start using it. No credit card or commitment is required. Our team will help you migrate from your old software in less than an hour without any additional cost. Yottled makes credit card processing for salons easy and free.

Check out how much you can save using this live calculator. Less than 1% of salon credit card processing software gives this option.

2) PoS Machine for Salons

Point of Sale i.e., PoS is a physical instrument that read the credit card details on your salon front desk and processes the payment. There is a ton of variety available for PoS machines starting from big traditional terminals to the latest PoS machines with near-field communication (NFC) technology.

You also need software that integrates with the PoS machine. It

  • marks each transaction paid or unpaid,
  • keeps details, especially the name, email, and phone number of each client (CRM)
  • records tips, and
  • accepts gift cards as partial payment along with credit card processing for the remaining amount.

Yottled offers both. Get the latest PoS machine with NFC technology and the software that seamlessly merges with it. Yottled charges $300 refundable deposit. Deposit $300 up front and get the $300 back after you process $5,000 in credit card (and debit card) transactions in any 30 day period. Please talk to our customer success team to place an order.

Here’s Yottled’s PoS device for beauty and hair salon credit card processing.

Yottled’s PoS for credit card processing for salons

It is the latest PoS machine with near-field communication (NFC) technology. It

  • Reads the card details via a wireless system (instead of inserting the card inside the machine)
  • Has wireless design with a rechargeable battery.
  • Works with wifi, Bluetooth, or USB.
  • Has a mobile-like touch screen to enter salon transaction details, amount, tips, and even details of physical products.
  • Sends e-receipts to customers’ email addresses to save the paper. Eco friendly!

Here’s what the software for salons that integrates with physical PoS looks like.

credit card payment software for salons
An image showing how front desk staff handles credit card processing for salons

The below image shows what happens when a customer uses a gift card for partial payment and a credit card for the remaining amount.

payment processing for salons and beauty industry

The below image shows how Yottled’s software for salons works if customers choose to pay by cash, check, Venmo, or any other method.

credit card processing for salons

Conclusion On Credit Card Processing for Salons

Yottled is the best payment card processor for salons. It lets salons accept

  • online payments, and also
  • payment via physical PoS.

It offers 100% free software that seamlessly integrates with both payment methods. Yottled enables you to avoid credit card processing fees of $2.9% + $0.3 per transaction.

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