5 Different Types of Balayage to Know About in 2023


In this article, we will discuss 5 different types of balayage and 7 popular color combinations in 2023.

Different Types of Balayage

1. Full Balayage

Full balayage means the original balayage technique where your original hair tone is kept untouched from the roots, the new shade is added to selected hair strands from the upper-middle portion, and all hair are covered with the new tone when it approaches the ends. The color is handpainted in a way that it doesn’t create a visible “starting point” between both tones. 

2. Partial Balayage 

In this type of balayage, only a few strands of hair are colored, giving a highlight-like effect. The difference between highlights and partial balayage is that in highlights only a few hair strands are colored from roots to tips. While in partial balayage, the color is applied from the upper-middle layer to the tips, leaving the layer around the roots untouched. Partial balayage is cheaper and less time-consuming than full balayage. But it’s a tricky one. Your hairstylist must be qualified enough to select the hair strands in a way that gives a natural transition from natural hair to the selected tone. 

3. Reverse Balayage

Reverse balayage is made for blonds who want to add a depth of black/brown hair. In reverse balayage, the hair is colored from the roots and the soft transition ceases in the mid-layer. In this balayage type, the lower layer of the hair remains the same, i.e. blond. It will create depth in the hair and keeps the natural look almost intact.

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4. Money Piece Balayage

In the money piece technique, the front layer of your hair is highlighted, giving a frame-like effect to your face. In money piece balayage, the front hair strands’ highlights start not from the roots but an inch or two down from the roots.

5. Subtle Balayage

Subtle balayage or soft balayage type means applying color to only some hair strands where it can easily merge with the rest of the hair. It gives a rich sophisticated look. Sometimes, the selected color is just slightly different from the original hair tone and the balayage is visible only when the sunlight falls on the hair. 

Type of Balayage Colors : 7 Cool Choices

After choosing which type of balayage you want to go with, now it comes to balayage color to complete the decision-making process. Balayage can be done with any possible shade that suits your skin tone and original hair color. Here are the most popular balayage hair color trend.

1. Blond Balayage

This is the all-time favorite balayage hair technique for women with dark black hair or brunette. In this type of balayage, the golden-pale yellow colour, also known as sunkissed, is used for balayage. The roots remain black or brown, and the golden tone starts from the middle in some strands and covers all the hair in new color gradually till the tips. 

2. Copper/Caramel Balayage

This is the best balayage color choice for blond hair. Copper and caramel tones will give your hair a beautiful look. You can also select reverse balayage or money piece balayage style to compliment the color. 

3. Honey Balayage

If you’re looking for a subtle balayage in your brown-black hair, honey balayage is the obvious choice. It’s won’t give you a loud, eye-catching look, but offers a soft balayage effect. It is the best choice for working professionals. Ash/silver Balayage

4. Ash/Silver Balayage

Another beautiful, new-era balayage type, more suitable in dark hair tones. However, maintenance at the time of hair regrowth is tricky here if you have started getting grey hair due to ageing. Because your roots will be grey or white with hair growth and your tips are already covered in the silver/grey color. The middle portion will have your natural dark hair. This gives a “sandwich effect” with grey-black-grey tones. If you have started getting white hair, prefer reverse balayage.

5. Orange Balayage

Want a funky cool look? Try orange balayage, especially if you’re blond. A popular type of balayage color among girls in their teens and twenties. (But if you’re a working professional, we’ll recommend choosing a copper tone for balayage over orange.)

6. Purple Balayage

Going to a party, or club? Get purple balayage on your blond hair and have a perfect party look. Purple balayage looks amazing on the black hair as well. Avoid it if you’re original hair tone is brown, honey, copper or red. 

Purple Balayage

7. Red Balayage

Red balayage is suitable for any dark hair color. If you have dark brown, black, or copper hair, this is red balayage is one of the best choices for you. It is not much popular balayage type of for blonds. all the hair tones. 

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