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How can you help your cleaning company thrive with software?

COVID-19 threw a wrench in the works of a lot of cleaning companies. Even now, some cleaning companies are struggling to get back to full operations while people avoid close contact and hiring is tough. In some cases, the pandemic dragged on so long that people’s schedule and habits changed permanently, and that might mean lost customers for your company. Customer expectations also have changed going forward. It’s a new world for business and customer service.

Here are a few ways to help your business make it through.

Offer Automated Booking Options

Did you know that in a recent Nuance study, 67% of customers preferred self-service options over human customer service? A lot of people want to keep new low-contact or curbside service options post-pandemic. Not everyone wants to get back to the old normal.

There are a wealth of tools that can help you with automated booking options to ensure you never miss a chance to delight your customers – while also making your life easier! Imagine never having to go back and forth with text, email, or phone call again to find a time that works for you and your customer to schedule a quote – and you can meet your customer online. Check out Yottled, rated the best online booking app, as an option to help with your cleaning company software.

Create Flexible Customer Service

Forbes reports that during the pandemic, customer service actually improved at many companies because their empathy increased. Some companies showed flexibility toward customers changing their subscription packages due to an abruptly different lifestyle. Others offered new ways to communicate like texting.

There’s no doubt some companies have really stepped up. That means a lot of new tech that enables new types of service from phone banking to curbside pickup was finally brought into the mainstream. If you want to attract customers post-COVID, keep in mind that customer expectations have changed rapidly during the pandemic, and adoption of convenient communication or scheduling tools businesses used to think of as optional have become the norm. Now would be a great time to update your customer service options to include the latest technology in client scheduling and contact management for cleaning company software.

Above all, make sure that the way you treat your customers is top-notch and understanding of their recent struggles. We’ve all been through it, and businesses that reflect empathy of that fact will thrive – especially with cleaning companies – software is the key to help make sure you can earn customers.

Communicate Your Plans & Service Options to Clients

If you have a new communication option or a new service you created recently, don’t forget to tell your clients. You could send out an email or newsletter updating clients on new service options.

Need to attract some clients back? Think about creating new services to offer or bonuses to bring back former customers. Try offering a promo that helps your clients catch up if they’ve put off the re-engaging house cleaning services for the past several months. Whatever you do, remember to be understanding that everyone’s lives have changed recently, and that our new normal might never quite look the way it did.

That doesn’t have to be a bad thing. More people than ever are looking for cleaning services – which means it’s time to find cleaning company software to help scale. You’ll likely need to get out of that spreadsheet and find new ways to automate intake forms and client relationship management to ensure you can engage with all of your new clients.

One great way to update how you run your business in the most convenient way for your clients is to use the Yottled tool to its fullest extent. We’re always adding new features, from invoicing to subscriptions to marketing and payment processing, so you can focus on growing your business.

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