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House cleaning businesses create unique challenges, simply because you’re constantly scheduling new appointments. How you schedule appointments can make or break your cleaning business unless you have a good app. Here are our top tips on how to keep up with your business when you’re spending too much time scheduling appointments so your clients can schedule online and you always have a stream of new revenue.

#1. Keep Up With Scheduling Appointments

First up, how do you manage scheduling your appointments? Try a tool like Yottled that automates the scheduling process, so clients can pick a time that works for them when you’re free. Then, all you have to do is check your schedule and show up. This is a fantastic system to acquire new customers with intake forms, manage clients, and automate billing.

Now you’re asking – but how do I get out of this client spread sheet?

#2. Manage Your Client List

A simple to use Client Relationship Management tool built into the house cleaning schedule app will do wonders. Even if you’re super busy, create a system for capturing contact info of prospective and new clients so you can keep in touch. Even better if you can automate adding them to contact lists according to how they want to be contacted.

Here’s a common mistake new business owners make: we’re so busy we don’t take the time to capture contact info properly, and then later realize we have way more clients to keep in touch with than we expected. It’s quite the chore (pun intended) to go back and reconstruct lists later when you have time.

These days, marketing tools like Yottled automate tracking contact info and also keeping in touch with simple marketing emails, making you like quite the pro. How cool is that?

#3. Get Paid

So, now you’ve got a tool that helps you schedule client appointments and helps you keep in touch with your clients – but how often have you gotten paid for your work?

With an all-in-one house cleaning scheduling app, getting paid should be simple and easy. Yottled can automate invoicing as well so you can get paid by credit card, cash, or check.

#4. Grow Your Business

With a simple and easy to use house cleaning schedule app, it’s now time to grow. House cleaning is a grind and a lot of new business comes from interacting with current clients. Look at what’s working in your business to draw in new clients, draw up a plan to try several new marketing strategies, and then do more of what’s working.

Chances are, at least one of those successful marketing strategies lies in delighting current customers so they recommend you to others. Once you’ve carved out the time to grow your business, remember that running your business and being excellent at what you do is part of that. Newer business owners can be understandably insecure about not knowing what they should be out there doing to bring in more business. You’re probably doing great already. Enjoy the time you’ve found to grow your business, try new things with that new-found time, and don’t forget to have fun.

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Laura Cowan

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