Housecall Pro vs. Jobber vs. Yottled: An Accurate Comparison

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If you’re looking for a booking, scheduling, invoicing, and payment integration software for your service-based business, you have reached the right article. Here we have compared the three best options for you to choose from. 1) Housecall Pro 2) Jobber 3) Yottled. All of these software work for plumbers, electricians, handyman, garage door repairers, landscapers, and many other types of service providers. Without further delay, let’s explore the Housecall Pro vs. Jobber vs. Yottled topic in detail.

Housecall Pro vs. Jobber vs. Yottled: Quick Summary

Here is the comparison between Jobber, Housecall Pro, and Yottled’s features, pricing, and facilities.

 JobberHousecall ProYottled
PriceCore: $39/month
Connect: $119/month Grow: $239/month  
Basic: $49/month
Essential: $129/month
Max: Custom price for big teams
Free for businesses. $0.99 to your customers when they book.
UsersCore: 1
Connect: 1-7
Grow: 30
Basic: 1
Essential: 1-5
Max: 5+ ($35 per additional user)
Credit card feesCore: 3.1%, + $0.3 Connect:2.9% + $0.3
Grow: 2.7% + $0.3  
2.59% to 3.49%Optional* 2.9% + $0.3   (*With an option to push fees to customers’ final bill)
Website/Personal webpageNoBasic: No
Essential: No
Max: Yes
Online bookingCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Payment processorYesYesYes
Automated text notificationsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Email NotificationsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Information not availableYes
Consumer financingYesYesNo
Forms & custom fieldsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Information not availableYes
Email marketing toolsCore: No
Connect: No
Grow: Yes
Basic: No
Essential: Yes
Max: Yes
QuickBooks integrationYesBasic: No
Essential: Yes
Max: Yes
Sharable booking links/referralsCore: No
Connect: No
Grow: Yes
Information not availableYes
GPS trackingCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Custom local phone numberNoYesNo
Housecall Pro vs. Jobber vs. Yottled comparison

Detail Comparison

Housecall Pro

It has 3 pricing options. Basic: $49/month, Essential: $129/month, and Max: Custom price for big teams.

The Basic plan includes 1 team member i.e., one digital calendar. It is preferable for solo entrepreneurs and freelance service providers. It has basic features like a scheduler, online booking, CRM, and text notifications.

The Essential plan is required if you’re having more than one bookable employee. You can add up to 5 digital calendars here. Separate calendars for each employee are necessary to avoid appointment conflicts. With this plan, you can also enjoy features like Quickbooks integration and email marketing tools, which are not available in the basic plan.

Max plan is for bigger teams i.e. 5+ employees. The price is not disclosed but in general, you need to pay a fixed price per month and you’ll get the liberty of adding as many digital calendars you want for $35/each employee (calendar). Just like Yottled, Housecall Pro also gives you a webpage i.e. your customized page for booking, and accepting payments. It is a great feature if you don’t have a website yet or don’t want to use your website’s bandwidth in booking pages.

The unique feature that Housecall Pro offers is a custom local phone number if you don’t want to show your original phone number to the customers.


Yottled is relatively a new player in the industry, built with advanced technology and has a unique pricing model.

Pricing: It’s 100% free for businesses. They charge a convenience fee of $0.99 to your customers when they book. Customers’ final bill will increase by $0.99, irrespective of the transaction value. No revenue sharing. No other hidden charges.

Features: All the industry-leading features are included in the free scheme and usage is unlimited.

Users: You’ll get a separate digital calendar for each bookable employee. There’s no cap on this. It is the best solution for bigger teams as you don’t have to pay extra for any number of digital calendars/schedulers.

Risk-free: You can sign up for free without providing any credit card info, contracts, or commitments. Use it as much as you want, any features you like, and cease using it if you’re not satisfied with the software. 1,000+ businesses already trust it.

Credit card fee waiver option: Yottled gives you the option to shift the payment partner Stripe’s fees of 2.9%+ $0.3 to your customers’ final bill. If you opt for this option, your customers’ bills will increase by a small amount, but you’ll save sizeable cumulative money.

Yottled doesn’t have GPS tracking at this stage.


Jobber is one of the oldest and the legacy system in the market. It offers some of the high-tech options that its competitors don’t have at this stage. It provides 3 pricing models.

Core: $39/month. It includes one employee calendar. Best suitable for independent service providers. However, most of the features are not included in this plan, such as online booking, notifications, email marketing, etc. This plan suits your business if you’re a solo entrepreneur needing a scheduler, CRM, and online payment processor.

Connect: $119/month. It is suitable for teams of up to 7 employees. You’ll also get access to some basic features like online booking, semi-automatic notifications via text and emails, and custom forms.

Grow: $239/month. If you have 7+ employees in your team, this is the only option available to you. It also comes with bookable links or referrals. You can share these unique links anywhere you want i.e., on social media, chat groups, emails, text messages, etc., and let customers book directly from the same.

Conclusion of Jobber vs. Housecall Pro vs. Yottled

  • Housecall Pro and Jobber are old players in the market while Yottled is a new one.
  • Housecall Pro is the most expensive one, Jobber falls into the medium range, while Yottled is 100% free for businesses.
  • If you’re looking for all the basic features for your service business for free, use Yottled. If you’re looking for advanced features like GPS tracking, consumer financing, and custom local phone number, choose Jobber or Housecall Pro.
  • If you don’t have a website or it is not fast or built SEO-friendly, choose Yottled. You’ll get a custom personalized webpage with a unique URL, for taking online bookings, payments, and more.
  • Yottled is preferable if you want to instantly save 3% of your business cost. That means, if your revenue is $5,00,000, you’ll instantly save $15000 in credit card fees. Here’s the calculator showing how much you’re going to save by switching to Yottled.

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