How Much Do Hairdressers Make? The Latest 2022 Insights

How Much Do Hairdressers Make? The Latest 2022 Insights image

Do you have a passion for hairdressing, and hair treatments? Do you see a celebrity and the first thing you notice is their hairstyle? Do you love watching various hairstyling videos to learn about the latest trends? Then being a hairdresser is your calling! But what about the monetary aspects of this career path? How much do hairdressers make? In this article, we have covered how much do hairdressers earn per year and year per month after reviewing data from top-5 salary-related websites.

How Much Do Hairdressers Make?

Hairdressers make an average of $36,141 per year and $3,012 per month. The lowest paying entry-level hairdresser’s yearly salary is $26,311 and while the top 20% of experienced hairdressers make $54,623 per year in 2022. We have arrived at these numbers after computing data from top-5 salary insight platforms. Here’s the detailed calculation.

SourceLower RangeMedian SalaryHighest Range
Final Average: Yearly$26,311$36,141$54,623

Here are some juicy insights on how much money do hairdressers make.

  • States that pay the highest salary to hairdressers are Massachusetts and Washington.
  • Cities with the highest hairdresser pay are
    • Austin, TX: $72,128 per year
    • Chicago, IL: $66,586 per year
    • Orlando, FL: $61,377 per year
  • States, where hairdressers make the lowest money, are New Mexico, Kentucky, and Iowa.
  • Hairdressers with state medical licenses are earning an average of 53.50% higher pay than those who don’t.
  • Only 37% of hairdressers are satisfied with their earnings.

How Much Money A Hairdresser Can Make On A Higher End?

If you find the above pay range of hairdressers discouraging, we have some good news for you. The above data is just the national average. But hairdressers can make much more money if they developed expertise in this field. Don’t forget that celebrity hairdressers generally charge $600 to $16,000 per haircut! So, the sky is the limit!

Here are some tips and tricks for hairdressers to earn higher than the industry pay level.

  1. Get Certifications and Required Licenses: Get your cosmetology certificate/degree from a reputed college. As we stated above, you can claim up to 53.50% of higher pay when you get the required certifications and licenses.
  2. Learn high-end hair skills: Along with haircuts, develop expertise in other areas such as various hair treatments, hair spas, bridal hairstyles, PERMS, braiding, hair color, and highlights. These services generally range from $100 to $7,00 while a regular haircut costs only $20 to $40.
  3. Become a social media influencer: Upload images and videos of creative hairstyles, haircuts, and treatments on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Become a member of popular groups and participate in the conversation regarding hairdressing. Join Quora and Reddit, and solve people’s queries related to hair problems and styles.
  4. Start Influencer marketing: Once you get enough followers, register yourself on sites like, Upfluence, Findyourinfluence, etc. Advertisers will contact you and pay you to promote their haircare-related products.
  5. Sell training video: Record yourself doing various haircuts and styles and sell those tutorials online on a per video basis or monthly/yearly membership basis. Use Yottled to upload, sell, and market your videos. It’s 100% free.
  6. Provide at-home services: Either start providing hairdressing services from your home or visit clients’ homes. Send the booking link for your appointment to your clients and let them book online and pay in advance to avoid cancellations and appointment conflicts. Your Yottled subscription will cover this, too!

Hairdressers Certification and Licensing Requirements

Certification: First you need to attend a state-approved cosmetology training academy, hair design training program, or an apprenticeship program.

Some cosmetology schools allow attendees to take just courses related to hair styling while others keep courses in basic nail art, makeup, and skincare.

The cost of Cosmetology courses ranges from $7,000 to $30,000. The fees depend upon the number of courses you enrolled in and the reputation of the college.

It takes 6 months to 2 years for completing cosmetology training.

The cosmetology school trains hairdressers in the following areas.

  • Hair cutting
  • Hair styling
  • Coloring
  • various hair treatments and hair spa
  • Theoretical knowledge of hair types, hair problems, various products, and ingredients

Training Hours Requirement: Before applying for a license, you need 1,000 to 2,100 hours of training and experience in haircutting, depending upon your state’s requirements. The national average is 1,500 hours. Your time in cosmetology school counts towards this requirement but you also need to take some apprentice program or any practical training along with the school hours.

Hairdresser License: After completing your cosmetology school and the number of training hours required, you become eligible to apply for the license in your state. There are written and practical exams. Once you acquire your hairdressing license, you need to renew it periodically (every year or two, depending upon state requirements). The application and renewal fee ranges from $40 to $150.


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