How Salon Booth Owners Can Make More Money?

salon booth rentals for landlords

Yottled’s pricing policy is simple. We don’t change anything to salon booth landlords or renters. We charge $0.99 to the final customers. In other words, we add $0.99 to your end consumer’s bill.


Bob, the barber, rents a station at your salon. John, the customer, books a haircutting appointment with Bob worth $40. At the checkout, John will pay $40.99 ($40 haircut + $0.99 Yottled’s convenience fee).

Bob and you (the salon owner) don’t need to pay anything out of pocket. Use the entire software for free, forever. All features included. Everything unlimited. The cost of the software is borne by the end customers, i.e., John, in our example.

How Salon Booth Owner Can Earn Extra with Yottled?

Yottled will share the profit it makes from the convenience fee with the salon booth owner.

That means, out of $0.99 we make for each transaction, you’ll get a part of it. How much we pay depends upon certain factors, for which you need to talk to our pricing expert.

This is an additional income source for you, apart from the booth rent, revenue share, or commission you charge from the renters.

Let’s do the math here.

Let’s say, you have rented 8 stations in your salon to nail artists. Each of them gets an average of 15 appointments a day. For each appointment, Yottled shares 15 cents convenience fees with you.

8 stations * 10 appointments per day * 30 days * 15 cents per appointments

= $432 per month OR $5,184 per year

You are going to make about $5k extra in addition to the booth rentals or commissions. Yottled is the only service provider that offers such a unique profit-making opportunity.


To avail of this convenience fee-sharing model,

  • All your tenants must be using Yottled, only.
  • Your salon must have a minimum of 5 occupied booths.

Benefits to Salon Booth Renters

Your salon renters are going to love Yottled because

  • It’s 100% free for them to use. Don’t need to pay extra for any add-on features. All are included in this plan.
  • Yottled is very easy to use compared to other software.
  • End customers don’t need to register or create an account to book a service. This means, less page abandonment, and more sales. Who likes those pesky user names and passwords to remember every time, anyways?
  • We’ll help them eliminate the payment processing fees as well to increase their profit instantly.
  • We will provide each of them with a free point of sale (PoS) machine if certain conditions are met. Talk to our pricing specialist about the same.

Medha Mehta

Medha Mehta

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