How Salon Booth Owners Can Make More Money?

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How Salon Booth Owner Can Earn Extra with Yottled?

Yottled Introduction: Yottled is an easy and robust booking and scheduling software for the beauty and wellness industries. It is 100% free for salon owners, and stylists to use it. It charges a small convenience fee of $0.99 to the end customers (the buyer of the services). Here’s the pricing explainer.

Yottled’s revenue sharing model for salon owners:

Yottled has a revenue-sharing referral program for salon owners. For each salon booth renter (hair stylist/ beautician/ esthetician) you refer to Yottled, you get a share from each transaction they make, without any extra cost to your renters.

Yottled shares 10% of the revenue it makes from your renters’ transactions.

Out of $0.99 we make on each transaction, you’ll get 10 cents. This is an additional income source for you, apart from the booth/suite rent.

Let’s do the math here.

Let’s say, you have rented 10 stations in your salon to nail artists. Each of them gets an average of 15 appointments a day. For each appointment, Yottled shares 10 cents convenience fees with you.

10 stations * 15 appointments per day * 30 days * 10 cents per appointments

= $450 per month OR $5,400 per year

You are going to make about $5.4k extra in addition to the booth rentals or commissions. Yottled is the only service provider that offers such a unique profit-making opportunity.

How to participate?

Email us at with the subject line “Salon owner referral program” and let us know about the number of suites/booths you own. Our support team reach out ASAP to discuss it further.

Benefits to Salon Booth Renters

Your salon renters are going to love Yottled because

  • It’s 100% free for them to use. Don’t need to pay extra for any add-on features. All are included in this plan with unlimited usage.
  • Yottled is very easy to use compared to other software.
  • End customers don’t need to register or create an account to book a service. This means, less page abandonment, and more sales. Who likes those pesky user names and passwords to remember every time, anyways?
  • We’ll help renters eliminate the payment processing fees as well to increase their profit instantly.
  • We will provide each of them with a point-of-sale (PoS) machine with a refundable deposit.

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