How To Create a Painting Invoice Template

painting invoice template

If you’re starting a painting business, you will need an invoicing system to collect the income from your new clients. Painting jobs can be complicated, but invoicing doesn’t have to be. Here is how to create your own painting business invoice with a template.

How To Create Your Own Painting Invoice Template

Every time you invoice a painting client, some elements of your invoice will be the same. To start invoicing your clients, create a template you can reuse for every job by customizing the details that change.

If you want to create your own painting invoice template, you can use Microsoft Word or Macintosh Pages. Click on the templates menu, which pops up when you open a new file. Fill out your new template with the following details.

  1. Painting Business Name/Logo
  2. Client Name
  3. Client Name or Business Contact Name
  4. Client Address
  5. Date of Billing
  6. Project Name
  7. Details on project contents
  8. Total of each service/product and Total Payment Due
  9. Painting Business Contact Information
  10. Types of Payment accepted
  11. Late Fees or Payment Processing Fees assessed

Ways To Charge For Painting Services

Some painting businesses charge by the project, bidding out materials and labor. Others will charge by the room. Here are some ways that painting businesses can include charges on an invoice so clients see what they’re paying for.

  1. Price per square foot (specify number of coats, often two)
  2. Price per room painted (specify number of coats)
  3. Materials and labor for the job
  4. Price per deck, business office, etc.

You can charge extra for drywall repairs, mudding and taping, or other cleanup involved in jobs where you need to do more than just painting. If you itemize your invoice, you can use the same system to bid a job as well as to invoice.

How To Keep Your Painting Business Invoicing Organized

Painting clients sometimes rehire the same business the next time they need something painted, whether that’s indoor or outdoor maintenance for their home or business. The easiest way to keep repeat clients organized is to use a CRM that helps you manage contact info. Software like Yottled manage your contacts, scheduling, payment processing, invoicing, and marketing.

With all your contacts and invoicing in one place, it’s easy to stay organized.

Painting Business Invoice Templates

If you want a painting invoice template to get you started with document formatting, you can download a painting invoice template to give you a head start. Once you get the hang of invoicing and tracking client invoices, you can focus on running your business and never worry about invoicing again.

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