How to Get Private Yoga Clients

How to Get Private Yoga Clients

You wouldn’t have to work so hard to run a business if you could be confident in your customer retention, but how do you ensure that you can bring back repeat customers? Let’s dig in to figure out how to get private yoga clients that keep coming back.

One of the biggest fears of a new yoga business owner is that they will not find new clients, or that they will land new clients and lose them just as quickly. Part of the problem is the insecurity of being a new business owner. You can bring back repeated customers by being excellent at what you do and staying connected in your industry. How do you know what excellence means to your clients if you’re new in the business?

Here are our top tips to bring back customers and make your clients love you.

#1. Give Yogi’s A Reason To Return

If you’re a new yoga studio, you might still be testing your most popular services. That means the beginning of your business is a little messy, and it’s hard to know who your repeat customers are going to be. Create a system for tracking this: most popular services, most enthusiastic clients, and ask for feedback.

It’s hard to jump straight to a private yoga session – you’ll want to prove your value first with lower barrier entry value with things like:

Ask yourself – would you become a private yoga client if you didn’t see initial value elsewhere? Not that these other items need to be free, but it’s likely you’ll want to show initial value and establish trust before you’re able to ask someone to pay for a premium service like a private yoga session.

#2. Make Your Services Easy To Book

Lots of people will tell you they have been planning to book with you again but didn’t have the time. Make it easy for them. Use a platform for scheduling to put all your services, scheduling, and payments in one place. That way, as soon as a client has the thought to book your services again, it’s just a one-stop shop at your website. No appointments, phone calls, or extra delays for repeat customers. They already know and love what you do, so make it easy for them to work with you again.

Not joking – you’d be surprised how easy it is to get private yoga sessions by making it easy for your clients to book your services.

#3. Ask for Referrals

When was the last time you asked for a review? Or asked for a referral? It’s one of the best ways to acquire new customers and it’s free – all you have to do is ask. The key to using this method to bring back repeat customers is that you should ask for feedback from prior clients to find out what they want that you don’t offer yet, and then build that into your services. This is even better than theoretically asking people how to improve your business when they haven’t worked with you yet. Your current clients know better than anyone else how your services could attract them back as repeat customers. Don’t be embarrassed to ask for customers’ feedback. It’s your biggest tool to improve and grow.

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Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan

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