How To Grow A Landscaping Business with Flywheel Marketing

How To Grow A Landscaping Business

How can you use flywheel marketing to grow your landscaping business this year? Big businesses use flywheel marketing to grow their business. In fact, it’s how a lot of companies — such as Dropbox — got big in the first place. Now landscaping businesses can use flywheel marketing too. Here’s how to grow your landscaping business using the newest techniques in marketing that serve both you and your customers.

What Is Flywheel Marketing?

Flywheel marketing is a term designed to distinguish between a traditional sales or marketing “funnel” and a different model called a “flywheel.” A funnel is a sales strategy that funnels a large number of customer prospects in at the top where they see your ad or find your company and then winnow down to a few prospects who become actual clients, but this requires you to constantly find new sales prospects for your funnel to stay in business. A “flywheel” is named for a model that rotates efficiently to keep marketing momentum — similar to a flywheel in a car.

The main difference is: with flywheel marketing, you’re working to retain customers and use happy customers to grow your business, rather than constantly working to find new customers. Hubspot has a tutorial you can view on flywheel marketing that helps explain the difference, and why flywheel is a newer way of understanding how customer engagement and loyalty can keep your marketing efforts going more efficiently than constantly trying to attract new sales. So let’s figure out how to grow your landscaping business simply and easily.

How Does a Landscaping Business Use Flywheel Marketing to Grow?

Landscaping businesses are the perfect place for flywheel marketing because they often engage with customers who become repeat clients. To spend more time working with clients and less time trying to find new ones, the key is to attract them, then keep them attracted to your business. Here are the steps to a marketing flywheel:

  1. Attract
  2. Engage
  3. Delight

So what does that look like? When Dropbox figured out how to use flywheel marketing, they used a type of referral program to attract new users to their cloud-based file storage service. If you referred someone to Dropbox, you could get a certain amount of free storage on the service. It took off like wildfire and became the primary reason the company succeeded.

Example of a Flywheel Marketing Program for Landscaping Businesses

If you run a landscaping business, you could try a referral program that offers bonuses or discounts up front to attract customers. It’s a great way to grow a landscaping business. Then, you need to engage those customers by offering services that provide value for them. And once they are a customer, keep them spoiled and coming back for more by offering special services to loyal customers. What those special services are might vary, but think extras you can include in their service appointments. Go above and beyond to keep them coming back as a happy customer, and you’ll have the flywheel marketing model working for your landscaping business.

So a sample flywheel marketing program at its simplest could look like this:

  1. Use a referral program to attract customers
  2. Engage with customers and exceed their expectations
  3. Offer bonuses and extras to retain those customers
  4. Use those customers to keep your referral program growing

You might be surprised how many businesses thrive on this model alone. It’s worth a look, especially if you’re a landscaping business owner, to see how flywheel marketing could help your business.

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Laura Cowan

Laura Cowan

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