Yottled: The Best Alternative for LMN Invoicing and Management Software

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Top 7 reasons why Yottled is the best alternative to LMN for invoicing, scheduling, and business management

Do you own a landscaping business and are in the process of evaluating various software for landscaping scheduling, booking, invoicing, and crew management? One of the legacy players in the market is LMN i.e. landscaping management network. But before you spend your hard-earned money, consider other options, too.

Yottled is one of the new SaaS companies in marketing that uses advanced technology and the power of automation. It works on the mission of making technology easier for end-users. 1,000+ businesses already trust it.

7 Reasons Customers Choose Yottled Over LMN: Quick Review

Here’s a comparison between Yottled and LMN. Choose wisely!

Feature Yottled LMN
On-Boarding and ImplementationOn-boarding and data migration takes less than 2 hours.
Onboarding experts will be with you to guide you at every step. No extra charges.
Onboarding takes more than 6 months.   Implementation support and documentation uploads/migration cost an extra $847.
NotificationsAutomatic text and email notifications to crew and clientsNo notifications
UsageEasy-to-use and navigateDifficult to use, and clumsy
Email MarketingEmail marketing tools + Pre-built drag and drop email templatesNo email marketing tools
InvoicesAutomatedIn LMN invoicing is manual OR add an automated invoice facility by paying extra
Credit card charges2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. Businesses get an option to push those charges on their customers’ final bills. Customer has to pay 2.95% + $0.20 per transaction.
If the monthly volume is less than $1000, a fee of $50 for the Dormant Account
PricingFree for business. All features included. It charges a convenience fee of $0.99 to your customers every time they book a paid service. LMN pricing ranges between $297 to $394 per month. And $847 for extra features.

Detail Comparison

1) Pricing

LMN: LMN pricing keeps changing. Right now, on 12 May 2022, it ranges between $297 to $394 per month. The onboarding support and implementation have an extra $847.

Yottled: 100% free for businesses. In return, they’ll charge $0.99 to your customers for every paid transaction they make. It’s a “you grow, we grow” plan, where landscapers can use entire software for free with unlimited crew members, and all other features are included.

2) Onboarding and Implementation

LMN: Onboarding and data migration generally take 6+ months. It includes data migration from your old software or stored data on your computer. You either need to learn everything by yourself from their onboarding guides and knowledge base or pay for the training.

For implementation support, you need to pay another $847. This amount includes data uploads and migration, too. If you buy this add-on, you can accelerate the onboarding and complete it in approx. 15 to  30 days.

Yottled: The entire onboarding will take approx. 2 hours. If you own a landscaping giant and want to merge data from multiple branches, it will take a maximum of 6 hours. During this entire time, the onboarding expert will be there with you virtually and fix the issue if you get stuck anywhere. Training is free for you and your key employees so as the data uploads and onboarding support.

3) Notifications

LMN: There is no notification system in place for anything. For example, you won’t get notified via email or text about your booking, rescheduling, appointment cancelation, payment confirmation, etc. In the same way, there are no automated reminders before a day or an hour of the appointment.

Yottled: Yottled sends crew and customers automated notifications and reminders via emails and text messages, so everyone is in sync. You’ll also get the option to choose the time interval for sending reminders.

lmn invoicing, lmn pricing, lmn alternative
Automatic reminders and notifications for landscaping businesses

4) Invoices

LMN: The regular LMN invoicing is manual. That means, that every time a landscaping job is done, the crew member or the owner has to create and send the invoice to the customer manually. If you want an automatic invoicing facility, you need to pay $847 extra.

Yottled: Yottled has an automated invoice facility and is included in its pricing. No need to pay extra for the same.

5) Email Marketing

LMN: Doesn’t have an email marketing feature.

Yottled: It gives you an email marketing tool that you can use for sending bulk marketing emails or customized ones to various groups. It has beautiful email templates and drag-and-drop facilities to create beautiful email campaigns.

You can also embed the booking link in the emails and let customers book the service appointment directly from emails.

6) Credit Card Charges

LMN: 2.95% + $0.20 per transaction. Businesses must pay those charges out of their pocket. They also charge $50 for a dormant account if you have less than $1,000 monthly transactions.

Yottled: Its payment partner charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction But businesses get an option to shift those charges to customers. It increases a small amount on individual customers’ bills but saves a great deal of money for businesses.

For example,

Let’s say, XYZ landscapers Ltd. charged $40 per hour of lawnmowing service to its client Mr. John Doe.
John’s final bill would be $40+ 1.16+ $0.3 = $41.46.

On the other side, XYZ has an annual turnover of $500,000. It instantly saved approx. $15,000 of credit card charges.

Note: It is an optional feature and businesses have full liberty to transfer the credit card fees to customers or pay by themselves.

7) Usage

LMN: As per customer reviews, it is difficult to use and navigate.

Reviews from g2.com

“The program is very rigid – there is very much room for flexibility if you have a job or project out of the norm. Also to update settings and add in jobs etc there are a lot of steps going back and forth between different menu windows that get combersome quickly.”

“Very Very inefficient and lacks usability. It’s like landscapers decided to build a computer program, wait that’s what happened.

Reviews from Software Advice

“User interface: very basic and you have done multiple clicks on to retrieve simple data. each click takes time 3-10s times to upload. The search function is very elementary.”

“LMN is probably the least intuitive program you will ever find. It is literally like trying to learn a new language to figure out how to use the scheduling portion of the program.”

Yottled: Yottled is easy to use. Scheduling, booking, payment integration, appointment, etc.

Here are some Yottled’s customer reviews.

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