Mariana Tek vs Mindbody vs Yottled: Detailed Comparision

mariana tek vs mindbody

Choosing the right all-in-one software for your fitness and wellness business is a challenging step these days due to the plethora of options available in the market. It is crucial for you to shortlist the feature you really require and the reasonable budget you’re ready to spend for the same. You might not need all the high-tech facilities if you own a small or mid-sized business or are an independent instructor. In this article, we have covered Mariana Tek vs Mindbody vs Yottled to help you choose the best software for your business.

Quick Review: Mariana Tek vs Mindbody vs Yottled

FeatureYottledMindbodyMariana Tek
PricingFree for businesses. $0.99 to your clients when they book.
Free sign up
Starter: $159 /mo Accelerate: $279 /mo Ultimate: $499 /mo Ultimate Plus: $699 /moNot disclosed
Credit card feesOptional* 2.9% + $0.3   (*With an option to push fees to customers’ final bill)CNP: 3.5% + .15 USD CP: 2.75% ACH/DD/SEPA/EFT: 1% + .50 USD*2.9% + $0.3 Not disclosed clearly but their payment partner is Stripe which charges the above rate.
Online BookingYesYesYes
Schedule classes, appointments, and resourcesYesYesYes
CRM to manage clientsYesYesYes* Not disclosed whether it’s added to the plan or needed to be purchased as an add-on.
Staff managementYesYesYes
Digital formsYesYesYes
Clients’ digital profiles/ smart contact listsYesOnly with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plansYes
Customizable templates for emailsYesOnly with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plansYes
Autopay recurring billingYesYes 
Gift cardsYesYesYes
Point of sale (PoS)YesYesYes
Online storefrontYes, both services and productsYes, only for services OR Product + services with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plansYes
Branded web pageYesAdd-on at extra cost OR Available with Accelerate ($279/mo.) and higher plans  No
Payment processingYesYesYes
Text Notifications & RemindersYesYesNo
Automatic email reminders to staffYesYesNo
WaitlistNoYesInfo not available
Live streamingYesAdd-on at an extra cost of $49/monthNo
Pick-a-spot functionalityNoInfo not availableYes
Client feedback, ratings, and reviewsYesYesInfo not available
Video on Demand (VOD) uploadsYesAdd-on at an extra cost of $99/monthNo
Mobile-friendly booking and purchasing widget on your websiteYesAdd-on at extra costYes
Mariana Tek vs Mindbody vs Yottled

Mariana Tek vs Mindbody vs Yottled: Detailed Overview

Let’s check out the pros and cons of Yottled, Mindbody, and Mariana Tek.


100% free for businesses. Your customers need to pay a convenience fee of $0.99 for each paid transaction they make using Yottled. Businesses can use the entire software for free. All features are included. Everything is unlimited.

Their payment partner is Stripe which charges 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction. Yottled gives you the option to pass these fees onto customers’ final bills. Here’s a live calculator showing how much you can save by switching to Yottled. Generally, a business with $500k annual revenue gets a guaranteed savings of $19,000.

Yottled Pros

  • 100% free for businesses. Forever.
  • No credit card, contracts, and commitments are required to sign up and start using it.
  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • No cap on features and usage.
  • A customer booking page on with a unique URL along with integration on your website.
  • Auto recurring payments, automated notifications, and reminders via text and emails, PoS, drag-and-drop email campaign builders with templates, live streaming facility, video on demand (VOD), etc. are its popular features.

Yottled Cons

  • Many features are still in pipeline such as waitlist, spot pickup, etc.
  • Supports only US-based businesses.
  • Customer support is available via email, phone, and text. No live-chat support is available, yet.


It has 4 pricing plans.

Starter: $159 /mo

Accelerate: $279 /mo

Ultimate: $499 /mo

Ultimate Plus: $699 /mo

Mindbody Pros

  • 24*7 live support.
  • Presence in over 130 countries.
  • Chance to get your business to get listed on their platform with your competitors in your area.
  • Availability of some of the advanced features like waitlist, inventory tracking, WOD tracking integration, etc.

Mindbody Cons

  • Too expensive for small and medium businesses.
  • Difficult to use. They had to start an entire training academy just to train people how to use it.
  • Listing with your competitors might not be an attractive feature for many as the lowest price provider wins the business and makes everyone else reduce the rates to survive in the competition.
  • Your customers must make an account on Mindbody to book your services. This registration process increases the page-abandonment rate.
  • Most of the needed features like email templates, email campaigns, clients’ digital profiles, etc. are available either with the upgraded expensive plans or as an add-on.

Mariana Tek

Mariana Tek’s pricing is not disclosed. Their payment partner is Stripe which charges 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction. Please note that the payment processing fees are also not mentioned on their website but we’re concluding the above rate because that’s Stripe’s standard rate.

Mariana Tek Advantages

  • Pick-a-spot functionality, mobile app, gift cards, and PoS are its most popular features.
  • Quick email support.
  • User-friendly.

Mariana Tek disadvantages

  • Lack of transparency: The biggest cons of Mariana Tek is they are not mentioning how their plans are structured, and whether the customer needs to pay per bookable employee/calendar. Also, which features are included in which plan and what are the add-ons; nothing is clarified. A potential customer must provide all the business details and talk to the sales team before they get to know about the pricing. Clients also don’t have anything to verify whether the quoted price is uniform for all other clients.
  • Information about many of the features is not available online such as waitlist, product inventory tracking, client feedback, etc.

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