Martial Arts Advertising: 7 Ready-to-Use Posters, Flyers, Templates

martial arts advertising

If you’re looking for some cool ideas for martial arts advertising, you have reached the right article. Here, we have covered 7 different types of martial arts posters, templates, and flyers ideas. These are free templates that you can modify and download without any copyright restrictions. We have also covered various martial arts advertisement themes and wording to help you choose your ads and posters wisely. So, without any further delays, let’s explore!

Martial Arts Posters and Flyers for Advertising

After headhunting hundreds of martial arts posters, we have selected these excellent designs.

Martial Arts Poster for All-Inclusive Classes

If you’re teaching martial arts to more than one category of students, i.e. children, seniors, working professionals, etc., here is an ad template for you.

  1. To customize the below martial arts template: Use this link
martial arts poster, martial arts poster
Martial arts advertisement poster

As you can see, we have included various students’ categories and a “power word” below each category. For example, weekend batches are the most preferable for working professionals. In the same way, a large number of women join martial arts for the purpose of self-defence.

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Martial Arts Advertising with Detailed Message

If you’re looking for making martial arts flyer in letter format, here’s a perfect free template for you.

2. To customize this martial arts poster: Use this link

These are the words we used.

“Martial arts are not only for self-defense. It is for improving overall physical and mental health.

If you’re a working professional with a sedentary lifestyle, martial arts will be a game changer for you.

It can help you gain flexibility, strength, and toned muscles. It also calms your mind and helps you focus.”

martial arts poster
Martial arts for working professionals poster sample

Sample Ad for Martial Arts Demo Class

It is a popular business technique to offer free demo classes to attract new clients. It is also convenient for students to explore the fun and discipline that come with martial arts. If clients have taken demo classes and are prepared for what’s coming next, there are fewer dropouts, too.

Here is a perfect martial arts poster for the demo class announcement.

3. To customize this template: Use this link

martial arts poster
Sample Ad for Martial Arts Demo Class

Example of Advertisement for Martial Arts Seminar

If you’re organizing a seminar for martial arts, here’s a sample invitation poster and flyer you can use. If you’re planning to use this elegant template for Facebook, Instagram, or emails, don’t forget to embed the registration link inside the poster itself for quick registration.

If you don’t have a platform for taking online registration, use Yottled. It is free for businesses.

4. To customize this poster for free: Use this link

kung fu poster, poster karate, martial arts poster
Example of Advertisement for Martial Arts Seminar

Sample Ad for Martial Arts After School Classes

If you’re running a martial arts center for school kids as their extra curriculam after school activity, here is an elegent and clean template for it.

5. To customize this ad template: Use this link

martial arts poster sample, martial arts poster ideas,
Sample Ad for Martial Arts After School Classes

Martial Arts Ads for a Specific Demographic Group

If you’re having a niche clientele, in other words, if you’re teaching martial arts to a specific group, such as seniors, ladies, professionals, advanced-level Champions, etc., here is a beautiful template for you. We have made it for women’s special classes, but you can customize it as per your audience type.

6. Use this link to customize this martial arts advertising poster for free.

Sample martial arts poster for women classes, martial arts poster ideas
Sample martial arts poster for women classes

7. An additional martial arts advertising poster

 martial arts advertising poster
Sample martial arts advertising poster

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