Nail Art for Men: 10 Best Nail Designs Ideas for Men

nail art for men

Fashion is becoming gender neutral these days and letting people express themselves the way they feel comfortable, without getting constrained into traditional gender stereotypes. One of the best examples of this trend is manicures and nail art for men. If you’re looking for the best nail design ideas for men, you have reached the right article. After hunting for internet rigorously, we have shortlisted 10 awesome nail designs for males. So without any delay, let’s explore!

Easy Nail Art for Male

Check out these easy nail polish ideas for men. You can show these designs to your manicurist or even do it yourself if you are creative and have basic knowledge of nail designs.

How about this easy male nail art with long black triangles? It looks masculine and is easy to apply.

Image source:

Check out another easy nail art design for men. This matte nail art with black and grey color looks trendy and sophisticated.

nail art design for male

Image source: Pinterest

Abstract Nail Art Design for Men

Is black and grey too boring for your spirit? How about a simple and colorful abstract nail art that suits your vibrant personality? For example, check this nail design out.

male nail art designs, easy nail art design for men

Image source: Pinterest

Rainbow Nail Art for Men

This rainbow nail design is unisex and looks gorgeous on everyone.

nail art designs for guys

Image source: Culturacolectiva

Another easy rainbow nail design for males to get inspiration from.

easy nail art designs for men

Image source: Pinterest

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ASAP Rocky’s Love for Contemporary Nail Arts

ASAP Rocky, an American rapper, and record producer, is also a trendsetter in men’s fashion. In one of his interviews, ASAP Rocky expressed that men should be able to do nail art without feeling feminine. Check out his nail art to get inspiration for men’s nail designs.

men nail art

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nail art for men

Image source:

Harry Styles’ Inspiring Nail Art for Men

Harry Styles, a popular English singer, is always in favor of gender-neutral fashion. From clothing to accessories and nail art, Harry Styles’s styles are always admired by all. If you’re looking for male nail designs, check out Harry Style’s nail art to get in touch with the latest trends in the industry.

Check out this popular smiley nail art for guys.

Image source: Instagram

Don’t like nail art and designs? How about a simple beige nail color that is not overpowering and yet becomes a style statement?

nail art designs for men

Image source: Better Homes and Garden Magazine

Here is a multicolor nail idea for men. Once again, it’s from Harry Styles.

Image source: Instagram

Steven Tyler’s Black Nail Art for Men

If you think nail art is just for young men, think again! Steven Tyler is one of the iconic figures who proved that fashion is for all ages and genders! Check out this all-time favorite black nail art. If you’re looking for masculine and sophisticated nail ideas for men, explore Steven Tyler’s nail designs.

Image source: Instagram

Rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s $30k’s Nail Art

If you’re wondering whether manicures for men are really worth it then you would be surprised to know how much men love to spend on nails. One of the top examples is Machine Gun Kelly, who got nail art with an 880-diamond embedded set worth $30,000!

Image source: Instagram

Bad Bunny’s Nail Extensions

Rapper Bad Bunny’s nail extensions with sophisticated yellow nail paint have also become quite popular among men. 

nail art ideas for men, manicure for men

Image source: Huffpost

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