7 Best Nonprofit Job Boards to Post and Find Jobs

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Not sure where to post a job for your nonprofit to attract like-minded job seekers? Or are you looking for a job in a mission-driven organization? Either way, your search ends here!

If you’re hiring for a nonprofit, it is essential for you to consider not only a person’s skillsets but also their passion for the mission of your organization. Instead of posting jobs on generic job boards, it is highly recommended that you use one of the best nonprofit job boards. Employers can attract people who want to work for a purpose-driven organization. Job seekers can get an enriched pool of job listings in nonprofits that are doing something good for society, the environment, and humanity.

In this article, we have included the 7 best nonprofit job boards to help you list and search for the jobs.

1) Idealist.org


Founded in 1995, Idealist is a New York-based nonprofit job board. It connects 130,000 organizations to millions of job seekers that are longing to work for a noble mission. It has 1.3 million monthly visitors. Idealist is an international philanthropical job board.

For employers

Here are the fees for social-impact organizations & government agencies to post jobs on idealist.org. The listings stay live for 30 days after publication.

Number of postingsCharges (credits)
1 Job$105
10 jobs$795
20 jobs$1,475
50 jobs$2,975
100 jobs$4,775
500 jobs$22,000
1 internship$25
10 internships$225
Volunteering Free

Recruiters, consultants, and some Eligible Corporate Shared Values can also post ads on idealist.org. Here is the detailed pricing for them.

The process

  • The nonprofits and recruiters must sign up and fill out the application form.
  • The support team will review the submission within two business days.
  • You can start posting the jobs only after the idealist team approves your application.

    For jobseekers

It includes

  • Fulltime jobs,
  • Parttime jobs,
  • Internships, and
  • Volunteering opportunities.

Just like most job boards, Idealist.org also allows job seekers to search and apply for jobs. It includes thousands of remote and hybrid jobs on the international level as well.

2) Chronicle.com


Founded in 1966, the Chronicle is not a typical job board, it is rather a newsroom for educational institutes. The reason it is on our list is that it has a wide pool of job listing from nonprofit educational institutes.

  • On average, you’ll find approx. 30k+ academic and non-academic jobs.
  • It has more than 2 million monthly visitors.
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education is an international job board.

For employers

Posting jobs in Chronicle is more expensive than on other nonprofit job boards. Only educational institutes list jobs here. The listing stays on the website for 60 days after publishing. Your job posting will also appear on DiversityWorkMatch.com, DiversityandCareer.com, ProDivNet.com, and NationalDiversityNetwork.com.

Here is the pricing.

An image showing pricing to post jobs on Chronicle.com

They also have packages for the bulk job listing. Visit this page to explore the packages.

For jobseekers

If you’re looking for academic or non-academic jobs in an educational institute, this is the best job board for you. As always, it is 100% free for job seekers. You don’t even need to register and create an account to apply for a job. It allows you to create job alerts and also has an enriched guide on career advice

3) Bridgespan

ImpactOpportunity.org (Bridgespan.org’s job board is now migrated at impactopportunity.org)

Founded in 2000, Bridgespan is a consulting group for mission-driven nonprofits. But it also used to be a popular international nonprofit job board, which is now shifted to ImpactOpportunity.org, a job board founded in 2004 by Bridgespan alumna Lindsay O’Connell. You’ll find an average of 300 to 500 job listings on the Bridgespan job board. It claims to have 1 million yearly visitors.

For employers

Some of the attractive features of Bridgespan nonprofit job board (now ImpactOpportunity) are,

  • Unlimited word count
  • SEO-friendly (for job-related keywords and locations)
  • It allows you to access and browse profiles and resumes of the job seekers registered on their platform. It helps you connect with mission-driven candidates that want to work for a nonprofit.
Job postingsCharges
1 basic$100
10 basic$800
1 featured$125
10 featured$1,000

For jobseekers

It lets candidates apply directly to an employer via email or website without creating an account on their platform. Although account registration is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to let employers reach out to you directly.

4) National Association for Social Workers (socialworkers.org)  


Founded in 1955, the National Association for Social Workers (NASW) works on a mission of enhancing the professional growth and development of social workers. Along with its various development programs, it also runs a successful philanthropy job board on a national level for the United States.

On average, you’ll find about 10,000 to 15,000 job listings for full-time, part-time, and contract (temporary) jobs on their platform.

For employers

NASW is a network of 107,000 professional social workers. You can also access their resumes if you buy their premium listing services. It has 3 plans.

  • Premium: $725
  • Enhanced: $550
  • Basic: $399

To explore each plan in detail: Click here.

For jobseekers

To apply for a job, you need to create a free account on NASW. They also offer you the resume upload option and share it with employers. You can track the jobs you’ve applied to and also receive email notifications when a job matching your profile gets listed.

5) WorkForGood


It’s one of the national nonprofit job boards founded in 1999. It has worked with 30,000+ organizations till now. You’ll find on average 300 to 500 job vacancies posted on any given day. It has approx. 16,000 monthly website visitors (as per SEMrush, Aug 2022 report).

For employers

Here are the rates for posting the jobs. The listing stays live on the website for 30 days.

Number of job listingsRates (total)
1 basic$105
2 basic$275
5 basic$430
10 basic$755
1 premium listing$180
1 internship$30
Volunteer PostingFree

For jobseekers

WorkForGood lets you create a profile and upload your resume for free. You need to log in to apply for a job. Only those employers access your details for whom you apply. In other words, WorkForGood doesn’t share your profile with employers randomly.

6) Minnesota Council of Nonprofits


Minnesota Council of Nonprofits, also known as the MN nonprofit job board or MCN, is one of the largest regional job boards in the United States. Founded in 1987, the MCN job board displays on an average 2,000 to 3,000 job listings of nonprofits located in Minnesota, only. It attracts on average 30,000 to 50,000 monthly website visitors. It has a network of 2,200 nonprofit organizations.

For employers

If you’re a member of MCN, it lets you post job vacancies for free with 30-day visibility. Here is a guide on how to be a member of the Minnesota Council of Nonprofits.

For non-members, here are the listing charges.

Image source: https://jobs.minnesotanonprofits.org/employer-offers

For jobseekers

MN nonprofit job board is free for job seekers. But account registration is mandatory to apply for a vacancy. If you subscribe to their emailing list, they’ll send you new job listings directly to your emails. It also has an attractive map view feature, helping you to narrow down your search efficiently.

An image showing job search results on MN nonprofit job board on maps.

7) NPO.net


Nonprofit opportunities (NPO) have been in the industry for almost 25 years. It has a network of 10,000+ job seekers. Although NPO claims to be working on the national level, most of the listed jobs are based in Illinois. It has an approx. 10,000 website visitors/month (as per SEMrush, Aug 2022 report).

Through its profits, NPO supports Lumity, which works with a mission to help teens and young adults from underserved communities acquire coaching and resources for STEM careers.

For employers

It has 3 main job posting options.

Price per job posting$375$175$75
Posting stays live for60 days30 days30 days

Check out all the features for each job posting plan from here.

They will also send your vacancy on the email to their 10,000+ job seekers and distribute it in their partner network for more exposure if you buy their premium package.

For jobseekers

NPO allows job seekers to create a candidate profile and post a resume for free. It lists on average 600 to 1,000 vacancies. As we mentioned above, most of the vacancies are based in Illinois and some of them are remote.

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Final Words on the Best Nonprofit Job Boards

Here’s a quick list of the best nonprofit job boards.

1) Idealist.org: International, remote-friendly, the highest number of job listings

2) Chronicle: International, lists academic and non-academic jobs for the education industry.

3) Bridgespan: International, allows you to access and browse profiles and resumes of job seekers.

4) NASW: National level, has a network of 107,000 professional social workers.

5) WorkForGood: National level, has a network of 30,000+ nonprofit organizations.

6) MN nonprofit job board: Regional level, has a network of 2,200 nonprofit organizations, allows free job listings to its members.

7) Nonprofit opportunities (NPO): Regional level (Illinois), has a network of 10,000+ job seekers.

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