Peloton Movement Tracker: Features, Pricing, Reviews

peloton movement tracker

Peloton generated a new hype in the fitness industry during the pandemic when it introduced exercise bikes and treadmills with an interactive screen. People claimed to be addicted to those workout machines and reached their fitness goals with more intensity. However, Peloton couldn’t escape from controversies and sales fall after the pandemic when people started to go back to gyms. To deal with the volatile circumstances, it came with an innovative product, called Peloton Guide. It is a fitness movement tracker. Let’s explore how the Peloton moment tracker works, its pricing, and reviews.

What is Peloton Guide?

Peloton Movement Tracker, known as Peloton Guide, is an AI-backed instrument that records your body movements while you exercise, keeps track of the muscles you’ve worked on, encourages you to improve, and rewards you when you complete the workout. It has two main components.

Hardware: It is a small setup box-like device with a camera that comes with a remote. The 12 megapixels camera is powered by Qualcomm’s QCS605 system-on-a-chip. You need to plug this device into the television with HDMI Port. It will track your body movement while you exercise. Here’s what the Peloton movement tracker looks like.

An image from showing Peloton Guide’s hardware component with the camera.

Software: After plugin the device, you get access to thousands of pre-recorded strength training sessions. You’ll see yourself exercising beside the instructor. Here’s what the TV screen looks like.

An image from showing how Peloton’s movement tracker records the user’s live workout movements and shows them on the tv screen.

How Does Peloton Movement Tracker Work?

Peloton Guide is an example of one of the finest uses of technology in the fitness industry. It gives you a feeling of working out with a personal trainer from the comfort of your home. These are some main components of the Peloton Movement Tracker.

Muscle activity tracking: You see your body avatar on the tv screen showing the muscle group you have worked, and calories burned. The more you work on a muscle group, the darker blue it will appear on your avatar.

Peloton guide classes: Peloton Guide’s classes are 10 to 45 minutes long for strength training and cardio exercises led by expert fitness instructors such as Jess Sims, Selena Samuela, Robin Arzon, Callie Gullickson, Matty Maggiacomo, and Adrian Williams. There is a combination of pre-recorded and live classes.

Rewards: Just like the reward system in video games, Peloton Movement Tracker also has a reward system. Badges, points, and medals are awarded for completing the workout to motivate you.

Progress tracking: The Peloton’s AI shows the monthly, weekly, and daily progress. You’ll get a personalized recommendation of the workout to target the muscle groups you haven’t worked on to get a balanced full-body routine.

Security: You can manually turn off the camera shuttle and microphones when not exercising. Peloton Guide doesn’t store your exercise recordings but it stores the static data such as which muscles you worked on, which classes you prefer, what’s your fitness level, how you’re improving, etc.

Peloton Guide Price

Peloton Guide hardware instrument has a $295 one-time cost and $24 per month for a Peloton subscription to access Guide’s software, Peloton App, live and on-demand classes, and personalized class recommendations.

There are two more options to buy other fitness instrument bundles with the Peloton movement tracker.

Guide Strength Power pack costs $545: Includes Peloton Guide + 3 dumbbells + Workout Mat

You need to select any 3 Peloton dumbbells from six options, starting from 5 lbs to 30 lbs. The cost remains the same no matter which dumbbells you choose.

Guide Power bundle costs $935 to $1270: Includes Peloton Guide + 6 dumbbells + Workout Mat + heart rate band.

Choose any 6 dumbbells of the ROGUE brand from 5 lbs to 50 lbs. The package price changes as per your selection of dumbbells.

Peloton Guide Review

Here are some positive and negative reviews of Peloton Guide (Peloton movement tracker) from real users.

Positive reviews

  • The Peloton activity tracker records the strength training done in the standing position with high accuracy.
  • The concept of seeing yourself working out beside the instructor gives you an instant indication of which movement you don’t do properly and needs improvement. It makes you push harder.
  • The screen layout’s design is user-friendly and easy to navigate.
  • The instructors have kept the sessions interactive and they keep talking just like the instructors in the gym, which makes you feel like you have hired a personal trainer.
  • The reward system works well in motivating users to continue their workout sessions and improve.

Negative Reviews

  • Peloton Guide’s single camera is not able to track floor exercises and some particular movements with accuracy.
  • The remote is not user-friendly. A large number of users complained about the remote’s functionality.
  • Some users have faced problems in starting the Peloton guide, which freezes, slows down, logs you out, or changes some settings every time they start it.

Note: We have collected these reviews from Peloton’s website itself to make sure they are coming from real users.

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