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salon marketing tools

Are you running your own salon or planning to open one? Congratulation! Being an entrepreneur is an amazingly empowering feeling! But as they say, with great power comes great responsibility! Now that it’s on your shoulders to market your salon and bring more customers, you must be aware of these 7 important salon marketing tools to grow your salon and spa business. So, let’s begin!

7 Must-Haves Salon Marketing Tools

1) LoyalZoo: To create customer loyalty programs

LoyalZoo is a salon marketing tool that helps your business to create reward points for each salon service client uses.

For example,

  • 50 points for a haircut.
  • 20 points on every $20 spent.
  • 30 points for each referral.

Then, build a loyalty program where customers get rewarded for collecting those points. For example,

  • 1 free haircut when you redeem 100 points.
  • A facial is free for 300 reward points, etc.

Such loyalty programs will help you gain repeated customers, increase revenue, and encourage clients to refer others.

LoyalZoo is one of the easiest loyalty program tools for the salon’s marketing. It sends reward points to customers’ email addresses and text messages. They also send reminders and notifications if the points are getting expired, so that customers get encouraged to make a purchase.

It has a free trial for 7 days and then $47/month.

2)  Yottled: For online booking, self-checkout, email marketing campaigns, and automatic reminders/notification

One of the best marketing techniques for any service-based industry is offering an easy and fast booking, reservation, and payment experience. An all-in-one salon management tool like Yottled can help here tremendously.

Price: 100% free for businesses. They charge a tiny convenience fee of $0.99 to your clients when they check out. Salons can use the entire software for free. All features are included and everything is unlimited.

With Yottled, you can do the following for your spa and salon.

  • Email marketing: With drag-and-drop email marketing templates, you can create beautiful email marketing campaigns in seconds. Include booking and check-out links in emails themselves and let customers book the salon services directly from there.
  • Multi-channel booking: Yottled enables your customers to self-schedule your services from social media, text messages, emails, your website, and chat groups.
  • Gift cards and coupons: Create and accept gift cards and coupons to boost customer motivation.
  • Automatic notifications and reminders: Send automatic reminders before the scheduled appointment to reduce the no-shows.
  • Digital customer profiles: Send unlimited intake forms, surveys, SOAP notes, health forms, waivers, etc. and Yottled will store this information in customers’ digital profiles.

Yottled has 20+ other features that help you gain, retain, and manage customers for your spa and salon.

3) PicMonkey: Salon marketing tool to create professional-looking images

You can always use free stock images for your salon’s marketing material from and But using your own salon’s images with real employees and clients is always the best salon marketing practice. The problem with original pictures is that they don’t look professional. And hiring a professional photographer is way too expensive.

The solution is this salon marketing tool: PicMonkey

It has a free trial and the paid version starts from $7.99/month.

Picmonkey’s photo editor is one of the best marketing tools for spas and salons to create professional images without a professional’s help.

With PicMonkey you can

  • Remove wrinkles, scars, and uneven skin tone from an image.
  • Add color gradients, shadows, and outlines.
  • Erase the background with a one-click eraser
  • Sharpen, crop, resize and soften images
  • Replace colors of any image element you want

Check out this example.

4) JivoChat: Salon marketing tool to embed a live chatting facility on your website

Nowadays, people like to have an instant query resolution and for that, a live chatbox on the website itself is an excellent option.

Don’t worry. You don’t need to write a ton of coding to embed live chatting facilities on your salon website. Use tools like JivoChat to efficiently integrate the chatting window and let the support staff or front desk person resolve the customer queries instantly.

Price: Basic version is free. The upgraded version is $19/per month per agent.

5) Facebook Ad Library: To investigate competitors’ marketing strategies and get creative promotion ideas

Do you know Facebook has a secret amazing marketing tool for businesses? It’s called Facebook Ad Library.

You can search for any competitors’ ads and marketing campaigns here. It’s open for all, completely legal, and free!

It is one of the best salon marketing tools you can get to do a detailed analysis of your competitor’s social media marketing campaigns, ad types, deals, promotions, etc., and get creative ideas for your salon.

  • Go to Facebook Ad Library
  • Select the region and type of ads. (Preferable- keep “all ads” types)
  • Search for your competitors’ Facebook pages.
  • Check out all the active ads and different versions of the same ad group.

6) Canva: To create free salon flyers, posters, brochures, online promotion material

Want to make a creative salon poster, flyer, or brochure to distribute in person? Or need beautiful advertisements and promotion images for social media and your website? Canva is your one-step salon marketing tool for all creative purposes.

The basic version is free and paid plans start from $12.99/month.

How does Canva work?

You don’t need to be a techie or designer to use Canva. It has easy-to-customize pre-built templates.

  • Select an appropriate template,
  • Add your salon/spa’s name, timing, deals, address, phone, etc.
  • Go to Share on the top-right side of the page.
  • Click Download.

Check out these cool salon marketing templates we have made using the free Canva account.

salon marketing flyer ideas
Salon marketing flyer template example

To customize the below free salon marketing template: Use this link

free marketing template for salons
Spa and salon marketing template made using Canva

7) Google List My Business

Although it is one of the most important salons marketing tools, we have kept it last because we are assuming many people already know about it. If you don’t, keep everything aside and list your business on Google right now!

When someone searches for “salon near me”, “spa near me”, “best barbershop in New York” (any city), etc. Google will list your business as one of the options.

Your salon’s name will appear in the list as shown in the below example.

salon marketing tools

The other ways to appear on Google search results are SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Both methods are expensive. While creating a Google business profile is fast, easy, and free.

  • Go to the Google business page
  • Fill in your business name, address, phone number, timings, images, and videos.
  • And you’re done!

You can also ask customers to leave reviews on your Google business profile.

People can ask questions there under the Q&A section, too.

This is what your business profile looks like when someone searches for your salon or spa.

best marketing tools for salons and spa
Example of Google business profile

Conclusion on Salon Marketing Tools

Running a salon or spa is a rewarding business choice, but the competition is fierce. To survive in this industry, you can use some easily available salon marketing tools to delight your customers. Use tools like Yottled, Canva, PicMonkey, JivaChat, Google Business Profile, Facebook Library, and LoyalZoo for customer acquisition and retention. We hope this article has helped you to discover the necessary salon and spa marketing tools.

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