Salon Price Increase Notice: Sample Letters & Free Templates

salon price increase notice

Let’s explore price increase notices for hair and nail salons, spas, and massage businesses along with ready-to-use templates for brochures, flyers, and posters

It is highly recommended that you send the official salon price increase notice at least a month before the effective date of the change to avoid any shocks and miscommunication.

There can be many reasons behind the price increase. Some reasons are voluntary, such as when you

  • are offering upgraded services,
  • have hired new, highly qualified staff,
  • are providing luxurious ambience,
  • have bought the latest machines and instruments, etc.,

and you feel you deserve the price raise.

While some reasons are involuntary and salons owners are indulged to increase the prices due to

  • growing inflation,
  • employee pay raise,
  • high rent and lease expenses,
  • renovation and capital expenses, etc.

In this article, we have included four examples of price increase notices for salons and spas. We have also included ready-to-use price increase templates created with Canva that you can customize and use for free. So, let’s begin.

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Example 1: Salon Price Increase Notice Due to Upgrades in Services

If you’re increasing the prices because you have

  • upgraded the services, and product quality
  • hired new, more qualified staff
  • introduced new types of services that are not available in nearby salons/spas

here is a price increase notice template for you. The trick is that you should talk about all the improvements you have made before informing customers about changes in the rates to let them feel that the price increase is justified.

Price increase notice wordings

Dear [Customer Name],

We greatly appreciate your love and cooperation that made our ABC spa successful over the last 6 years. This year, we have decided to walk an extra mile to provide you with even better and alleviated level of services.

To accomplish that goal, we have hired 8 new employees with top-level certifications such as LMT, IASTM, and NCTM. We have also included aroma therapy, and massages with rare Ayurveda herbs. With all these changes, we have decided to increase the prices of our services by 8%, effective from August 1, 2022.

We thank you for your understanding and support. As always, we are committed to delivering the highest quality massage and spa services possible.

Jane Doe

Owner, ABC salon


Here’s a sample price increase template. To customize it for free: Click here (account registration is mandatory)

salon price increase template
Salon price increase notice template

Example 2: Nail Salon Price Increase Notice

If you are offering unique nail art that your nearby competitors are not providing, if your nail artists are so popular among the customer group that you get a large number of new clients from word of mouth publicity, or you’re planning to increase the nail salon prices because of high inflation, sending a formal notice to regular customers is highly recommended. Here’s a template with a customizable free flyer.

Nail Salon Price Increase Notice Example

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for your support and cooperation in making ABC nail salon successful for all these years. After carefully reviewing the increased costs for nail art products and employee remuneration, we have to make the difficult decision of increasing the pricing of all nail services by 5%.

The new pricing will be effective from August 8, 2022. Before that, you can avail the old pricing. All the online pre-paid bookings made before August 8 will get the benefit of old pricing, irrespective of the appointment date in the future.

To book an appointment, please use our online booking system.

Feel free to contact us for any queries or concerns.

Thank you!

Jane Doe

Owner, ABC salon


Use this link to customize this COOL nail salon price increase notice template for free. You can use it for social media or even

Nail salon price increase notice example letter, beauty salon price increase notice
Nail salon price increase notice example letter

Example 3: Hair Stylist Salon Price Increase Notice

If you’re a hairstylist and planning to increase prices for your salon, here is a template you can use. We have added before-after rates, here. If you have made a certain % increase in all the services, you can use the wording from the above two example templates.

Price Increase Notice for Hair Stylists

Dear [Customer Name],

Thank you for being a loyal customer for the last 6 years of our ABC salon. For all these years, we have strived to provide the best hair services and treatments at an affordable rate.

With the growing inflation, the cost of running our salon has increased dramatically. So, we have decided to change the prices of the following services with a nominal increase.

Salon price increase notice sample when prices for only a few services have been increased
Salon price increase notice sample

This price increase will be effective from August 5, 2022. The prices for all other services remain the same.

We are committed to providing you with the best services with top-notch hair care products. Thank you for your support.

Jane Doe

Owner, ABC salon


Here’s a flyer for the above notice. To customize it for free, use this link. (account registration is mandatory in Canva).

beauty salon price increase notice
Example letter for a salon price increase

Here’s another price increase notice poster that you can use for social media and emails.

To customize it, click here.

Price Increase Notice for Hair Stylists
Price increase notice letter for hair stylists

Example 4: Salon Price Increase Due to Extra Facilities

If you have decided to save a large sum of money by ditching your expensive business management software and shifting to Yottled, which is 100% free for salons, congratulations! Do you know Yottled lets you transfer credit card processing fees to your clients, and helps you reduce your salon costs by 3% instantly? If you’re opting for this feature and planning to tell customers about it, here’s a perfect price increase template for you!


Dear customer,

We are excited to announce that we have shifted to Yottled, which will help you schedule appointments with your preferred staff member with ease. You can buy and redeem gift cards, pay for services, and cancel/reschedule without calling us back and forth. Now, you can do everything online in seconds.

You also don’t need to register or create a platform on Yottled, which makes all the facilities faster and hassle-free, saving your valuable time and energy. No need to remember pesky user IDs and passwords anymore!

Due to all these facilities and automation, you will be charged a small convenience fee of $0.99 on your final bill. If you’re paying using payment cards, you need to pay payment processing fees of 2.9% + $0.3 per transaction on top of your final bill amount. This change will be effective from October 1, 2022.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to guide you.

Thank you so much!

Team XYZ Salon

Wrapping up

Whether you have increased employees’ salaries, invested in the renovation, or hit hard by inflation, writing a polite price increase notice is necessary when you’re raising the rates of your salon services. We hope this article has helped you to write and create the price increase notice for your salon. We have another article where we have created ready-to-use price increase templates for brochures, flyers, and posters. Check this out: Price Increase Notice Templates

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