Jobber vs ServiceTitan vs Yottled: Side-by-Side Comparison

ServiceTitan vs Jobber vs Yottled

ServiceTitan, Jobber, and Yottled work for service businesses such as HVAC, plumbing, electrician, garage door, pool service, and many similar industries. All three of them provide various features and their prices range vastly. That’s why it is super important to decide which one fits best your business requirements and budget. In this article, we have covered ServiceTitan vs Jobber vs Yottled to help you make a conscious decision.

Jobber vs ServiceTitan vs Yottled: Quick Review

PriceCore: $39/month
Grow: $239/month  
Starter: Not disclosed Essential: Not disclosed The Work: Not disclosedFree for businesses.   $0.99 to your customers when they book.
UsersCore: 1
Connect: 1-7
Grow: 30
Not disclosedUnlimited
Credit card feesCore: 3.1%, + $0.3 Connect:2.9% +$0.3
Grow: 2.7% + $0.3  
Not disclosedOptional* 2.9% + $0.3   (*With an option to push fees to customers’ final bill)
Website/Personal webpageNoNoYes
Online bookingCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Payment processorYesYesYes
Booking via callsYesYesYes
Advanced call bookingNoYesNo
Automated text notificationsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Email NotificationsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Information not availableYes
Consumer financingYesYesNo
Forms & custom fieldsCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes
Email marketing toolsCore: No
Connect: No
Grow: Yes
Pro feature with additional costYes
QuickBooks integrationYesYesYes
Sharable booking links/referralsCore: No
Connect: No
Grow: Yes
Information not availableYes
GPS trackingCore: No
Connect: Yes
Grow: Yes

ServiceTitan vs Jobber vs Yottled: Detail Review

Here’s a detailed comparison of these three platforms.


Here are the reasons why you should or shouldn’t choose ServiceTitan.

ServiceTitan Pros

  • Call booking feature.
  • GPS tracking and live updates via text messages.
  • Suitable for larger teams of customer service representatives (CSRs).
  • Check scanning option is the unique one.
  • Offers other attractive features like text notification, job costing, GPS tracking, scheduler, and payment processor.

ServiceTitan Cons

  • Lack of transparency in pricing.
  • Too expensive, especially for solo entrepreneurs and small teams.
  • Need to pay extra for email marketing.
  • No mention of important features such as sharable booking links, intake forms, credit card fees, etc.
  • No online booking by customer i.e., self-check-out is not available.


The best feature about ServiceTitan is its call booking feature. Whenever a customer calls, the CRM pops up automatically and shows customers’ names, past purchases, and other details associated with the phone number. So, the CSRs can book the appointment without manually searching for the customers’ profiles.

The worst part about ServiceTitan is its hidden pricing policies. You need to contact them to know the pricing of every plan. It’s not a user-friendly experience as you’re required to give all the details of your business, team, transactions, etc. just to get a quote. ServiceTitan prices vary from $125 per technician to $398 per technician. For getting Pro features like email marketing, payroll, and price book you need to pay extra. Again, there isn’t any transparency on whether the rates for these pro services are fixed or vary as per the usage. They’re also not showing the credit card fees.


A new player in the market, trusted by 1,000+ businesses. Here are some points for you to decide whether Yottled is a good fit for your business.

Yottled Pros

  • 100% free for all the businesses. Unlimited technicians/staff. All features included. They charge $0.99 to your customers when they make a paid transaction.
  • Online booking for customers i.e., self-scheduling is available.
  • Free email marketing facility with the drag and drop campaign builder.
  • Unlimited forms included such as intake forms, contact forms, surveys, registration, waivers, subscription forms, etc.
  • Sign up without credit cards, contracts, and commitments.
  • Basic and advanced features like a CRM, email and text notifications, reminders, webpage, payment processor, etc are included.
  • Gives the option to shift credit card fees of 2.9% + $0.3 to your customers’ final bill and helps you reduce business costs by approx. 3% instantly.

Yottled Cons

  • Features like GPS tracking, packages, live job tracking, consumer financing, etc. are in pipeline and not yet available to customers.
  • Customers’ final bill will be increased by $0.99.
  • Live chat support is not available yet. Only email tickets and phone support (during business hours) are available.


Jobber is the oldest legacy player in the market. Here are some pros and cons for you to review.

Jobber Pros

  • Transperant about its pricing policies. Core: $39/month Connect: $119/month Grow: $239/month.
  • It includes job costing, GPS tracking, scheduler, payment processor, CRM, and many other attractive features.
  • The Grow plan has the 2.7% + $0.3 credit card fees, which is the lowest in the industry.

Jobber Cons

  • Core plan i.e. the basic plan doesn’t include most of the needed features, forcing you to buy an upgraded plan.
  • No personalized booking page on Jobber itself. You must integrate everything on your website.
  • The low-cost plan “Core” has a very high credit card fee of 3.1% + $0.3.
  • The basic feature of online booking, email and text notifications, and email marketing tools are not available in the Core plan.

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