TG San Diego: Gym Membership, Pricing, Controversies

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TG San Diego: Brief Introduction

TG Gym, also known as THE GYM, TG San Diego, THE GYM San Diego, or THE GYM SD, is a gym started by George Jackson, a former CFO of Golds Gym International, and Rick Stephenson, the Bodybuilding Champion.

They bought a failed branch of Golds Gym in San Diego in 1984 and developed it into a successful gym. Later on, they discontinued the franchise agreement and started developing the gym with the TG brand.

Right now, TG has expanded on 7 locations and according to their website, they are on track to break 25 locations by end of 2024. Each TG GYM Location is independently owned and operated

It has two main websites

For San Diego Location

For All Other Locations

Membership Pricing and Timings

TG San Diego has four membership pricing options.

One-day pass: $20, 3 Months: $100, 6 Months: $180, Yearly membership: $300


Mon-Fri 4:00am – 12:00am

Sat 5:00am – 9:00pm

Sun 5:00am – 5:00pm

Unique value proposition: One of the success reasons for TG San Diego is its daily pass. Independent fitness trainers and their clients can buy it at a time convenient to them, and get the training sessions without any long-term commitment to the gym.

Along with all the weight lifting, cardio, and advanced workout equipment, TG gym San Diego also has a gym merchandise selling store on the gym facility itself. It also has an outside gym so that you can burn more calories in the hot and humid atmosphere while getting tanned.

TG Gym San Diego Controversies

Recently, TG San Diego made headlines. On February 20, 2023, An IFBB PRO TikTok influencer, Mark Hunter Jr., also known as Markus, shared a video on how he was mistreated and kicked out of the TG San Diego. According to the video, he was putting back his weights on the rack when he noticed some weights are lying in an unorganized way.

One employee, named Cole, misunderstood that it was Mark who put the weights that way and verbally abused him even after Mark clarified that he didn’t do it. However, Cole kept accusing him and kicked him out of the gym in a disrespectful and aggressive way.

The Impact:

  • The video got 3.9M + views and 20k+ Comments. People showed huge support for Markus.
  • Another influencer, Joey Swoll, also published a video supporting Mark Hunter Jr. Swoll’s video also gained 3.2M+ views.
  • People started to bring down TG Gym San Diego’s rating on Google and Yelp. At one point, it went down from 5 to 1.3. (Now, reviews are back to normal. Apparently, Google deleted all negative reviews.)
  • Other people also shared their experiences when they were mistreated at TG Gym San Diego.

Conflict resolution: Mark Hunter Jr. shared another video mentioning that the owners at TG The Gym San Diego were apologetic to him but said that they are not going to take any actions against Cole and instead Markus should not visit the gym for some months.

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