The 5 Best Apps to Create an Invoice

The 5 Best Apps to Create an Invoice

You’ve got a great small business, so you already know that brings a lot to keep track of. Ready to create an invoice? Some small businesses are looking for a stand-alone tool. Others need a one-stop solution to keep their business organized. Either way, here are our top picks for payment processing and invoice apps.


Looking for the simplest all-in-one invoice app that helps you with a CRM, scheduling, and more? It’s the best invoicing app you can get because of it’s all in one approach.

Yottled provides the ability to create invoices as well the ability to accept any form of payment into a full scheduling software for service businesses. If you’re looking for invoicing and payment processing only, you might find one of the above services or something like Shopify can integrate with your e-commerce site. For more all-in-one software solutions, Yottled now allows you to invoice clients, accept any form of payment, and keep everything organized in one place.


FitSmallBusiness ranks Square as their top credit card processing payment app. That’s because of its ease of use and free POS. We also have some personal experience using Square for small business payment processing on the go and find it to be one of the most flexible options out there for swiping a credit card with no fuss.

Did you know Square also turns estimates into invoices for you? It keeps bidding streamlined.


Stripe is currently king when it comes to payment processing. This is for some simple reasons. They have the simplest way of charging payment processing fees among the top payment processing providers. Stripe can be integrated into websites and other payment processing systems within your business. It’s also super simple to create an invoice from their web portal. Stripe does take a little work to integrate into business operations, but it’s one of the most comprehensive options out there. So what if you don’t have that expertise and want a simple solution for both payment processing and invoicing?


Invoice2Go is a streamlined product for one-stop-shop invoicing. If you need to create an invoice, Invoice2Go has the best and fastest solution for you. In addition, they enable to you send quotes to prospects, see if they’ve viewed the quote, and then automate issuing an invoice after someone has accepted the quote. It’s fantastic if you’re looking a simple invoicing solution.


Quickbooks provides a marvelous all-in-one book keeping software that also allows you to send quotes and invoices. It is starting to show its age and the user experience is left to be desired in some places. However, if you’re already on the platform, the invoicing and quoting mechanisms are great and let you send a quote quickly and easily with follow up automated invoicing.

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