The 6 Of Swords In Reverse Meaning And Predictions

six of swords reverse meaning

In the tarot world, one of the interesting cards is Six of Swords. It is presented in two ways, upright and reverse. In this article, we will cover what 6 of Swords Reverse means and what actions you can take to navigate this phase of life in a better direction.

The 6 Of Swords: Description

Before understanding the meaning of 6 of Swords Reverse, let’s have a clear idea of what the Six of Swords card represents.

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The 6 of Swords meaning: The Six of Swords card symbolizes a slow transition made with a heavy heart, carrying painful baggage from the past.

Here are each element and its meaning.

  • A boat sailing in the water: You are moving away from a relationship, job, geographical location, habit/lifestyle, or financial situation. You are already in the process of transition.
  • The right side water is turbulent and wavey while the left side water is calm: You’re leaving a turbulent situation and heading towards a more serene and stable life. This indicates that you’re leaving a distressing person/environment or a harmful habit/lifestyle and seeking betterment in life.
  • A shore is visible in the distance: This is not a blind move. You have done proper research, found a solution, and have a clear understanding of what you want in life. This is not a directionless quest. But you haven’t reached there yet. For example, you’re interviewing and have confidence that you’ll get the new job, but haven’t received the confirmation yet. You might have found someone new and you like this person but the romantic relationship has not started or is not that strong yet that you can rely upon.
  • In the boat, there is a faceless woman covering herself from top to bottom in a loose cloth: Covering yourself up has two strong indications.

    1. Guilt: Deep down, you’re feeling ashamed of your move. There is a strong guilt in your heart. You don’t feel like discussing this transition with others for some reason. You might also feel you’re escaping or running like a coward from a situation.

    2. Secrecy: There is an element of confidentiality in your actions. For example, your colleagues/organization has no clue up till the end that you’re interviewing for a new position. Your partner didn’t know you have planned to walk away and they were caught by surprise. Your family didn’t know you were relocating to a new geographical location till the last moment.
  • There is a child seating close to the woman: Someone or something requires warmth and comfort from you. This can be your actual child, aging parents, a best friend who is emotionally dependent on you, or a colleague who requires your support. But that person is there with you, on the boat. You’re aware that this transition will benefit them, too, and will not leave them helpless. When you’re empowered, you’ll help them to move to a better position in life as well.
  • In the boat, there are 6 large and heavy-looking swords, each facing the downside position: In the 6 of Swords cards, the 6 swords indicate the powerful baggage you’re carrying from the past that makes the boat heavy and reduces the speed of transition.

6 of Swords upright: Advice

Just like a sword cuts the physical body, the baggage you carry is harming your emotional well-being and causing you sharp pain. This heavy baggage is hindering the process of transitioning, making it slower. The best way to deal with this situation is to either leave the baggage or face it. Forgive the people, situations, and yourself. Try to see others’ perspectives and understand that each person is fighting his/her own battles. Let them go.

Remember, the swords are with you, in the boat. If you don’t get rid of it, you’ll keep carrying them to the new shore, too. That’s why, try to get rid of the baggage of the past to speed up the transition and live a better life.

The 6 Of Swords Reverse: Meaning

The Six of Swords Reverse indicates obstacles in the transition process that make you return to the old situations again and again. The emotional baggage, guilt, and hidden anger are making you question your decisions and creating doubts about the future. That’s why you first leave the situation, start the transition process, but then go back to the old scenarios repeatedly.

Six of Swords Reverse represents that you are showing a tendency of going back to the old non-working relationships, toxic work environment, harmful habits, thinking patterns, lifestyle, or geographical location that doesn’t suit you.

The 6 of Swords Reverse also indicates a hidden fear that your life will be upside down after transition. That’s why you’re consciously or subconsciously creating the situations that hinder your transition.

Six of Swords Reverse: Advice

Find out what is blocking you from transitioning and making you return to the same toxic circumstances. There is a strong fear, guilt, or despair inside you. Or, there is anger plus aching wounds, sharp like a sword, which is restricting you from forgiving someone and letting them go. If you get the Six of Swords Reverse card, talk to yourself and find out the mental obstacle that is making you return to the old situations, even after you have started moving on.

Face the situations/people with courage instead of running from them. Resolve your issues, face the confrontation, and come to a logical and clear conclusion/solution. Then only you’ll be able to leave the turbulent situation on a permanent basis, without returning to it, and move towards a calmer life.

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