The Best Booker Alternative: Yottled – 2023

the best booker alternative

Is Booker too expensive? Breaks down periodically? Try Yottled- The best Booker alternative

Booker is one of the old players in the scheduling software industry. It is a heavy application and offers a large number of features. In recent years, people are facing a lot of troubles with Booker. If you’re also actively looking for Booker’s alternatives, consider Yottled.

Yottled is the best Booker alternative because of 3 main reasons.

  1. Pricing model: Yottled’s pricing model enables you to use all features with unlimited capacity for 100% free. Yottled charges a convenience fee to your end users when they book. No cost to businesses, ever. Pricing Explainer
  • Elimination of credit card processing fees: Another reason why Yottled is the best Booker alternative is that Yottled enables you to transfer credit card processing fees onto your customers as a surcharge. It helps you to reduce your business costs by approx. 3% instantly. This feature is not available with Booker.
  • Ease of migration: Yottledhandles all migrations for you without any manual work from your side. It takes us about 48 hours to migrate over everything- including upcoming appointments, services, employees’ accounts and customer data.

Do the Math: Guaranteed Profit Increase after Switching from Booker to Yottled

As soon as you migrate over to Yottled, you’re no longer paying Booker’s monthly subscription cost. That means you’re increasing your profit by $1,548 to $6,588.

If you choose to transfer payment processing fees to your customers, your profit will be increased by 3%. If your annual revenue is $2,00,000, you can save approx. $6,000 per year, just by passing on payment processing fees to your clients.

Yottled vs. Booker: 25 Key Features Comparison

 PricingStarter: $129/mo. Accelerate: $269/mo. Ultimate: $429/mo. Ultimate Plus: $549/mo.Free, forever. Pricing Explainer
1Schedule AppointmentsYesYes
2Block Out Additional Time/Breaks for Service ProvidersYesYes
3Automated Scheduling Notifications
(Bookings, Purchases, Cancellations, and Reminders)
4Book Appointments with Gap/Processing TimeYesYes
5Book Appointments with
Staff Dependent Pricing and Durations
6Resource Scheduling
(e.g., Rooms, Chairs, Equipment)
7Finish/Cleaning TimesYesYes
8Client Profile, Schedule,
Visit and Purchase History, Account Balances
9Staff Preferences for clientsYesYes
10SMS Appointment RemindersStarter: 3000 SMS/mo. Accelerate: Unlimited Ultimate: Unlimited Ultimate Plus: UnlimitedUnlimited
11Add Custom Client Fields in CRMOnly with Accelerate and above plans.Yes
12Autopay BillingYesYes
13Document StorageYesYes
14Client formsYesYes
15Staff Login and SchedulingStarter: 15 employees Accelerate: Unlimited Ultimate: Unlimited Ultimate Plus: UnlimitedUnlimited
16IP RestrictionsOnly with Accelerate and above plans.Yes
17Customizable Staff PermissionsYesYes
18Google Calendar IntegrationYesYes
19Multi-location and Independent Contractor ManagementYesYes
20Sell and Redeem Gift CertificatesYesYes
21Charge Cancellation and No-Show FeesYesYes
23Customizable Online Booking Site to Match Colors and LogoYesYes
24Email campaign builderOnly with Accelerate and above plans.Yes
25Accept payment online, and in-storeYesYes


If you’re looking for Booker’s replacement, give a chance to Yottled. You can sign up for free, and use as much as you want; no credit card or contract is required. Yottled helps you boost your profit by $450 to $1,500/mo. from the same month. Yottled has 80% of the feature that Booker offers. Some of the high-end features like 2-way texting, drip campaigns, etc. are still in progress and will be available in August 2023.

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