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Whether you provide coaching for academic and vocational subjects, or you’re a business coach, Yottled is the best CRM for coaching businesses you have ever used. It’s free, has 15+ top-notch features, and is super easy to use.

Which coaching businesses can use Yottled’s CRM?

  • Business coaches
  • Career counselors
  • Vocational training providers
  • Teachers providing extra after-school tutoring
  • Competitive exam coaching classes (like SAT, GMAT, TOEFL, GRE, etc.)
  • Life coaches
  • Spiritual and religious guides
  • Anyone providing academic or non-academic coaching.

Let’s explore the top features of Yottled’s coaching CRM.

1) CRM

Yottled’s customer relationship management (CRM) software for business coaches lets you create and store your students’ and attendees’ details on a cloud platform. It is 100% secured. Access this data anytime in the future.

  • It automatically creates client profiles when someone registers for a class, event, or seminar.
  • All the form responses get stored in the coaching CRM automatically. This can be a registration form, inquiry form, or survey.
  • Store unlimited contact and customer data.

2) Scheduling and Registration

With Yottled’s CRM for coaching business you’ll get a personalized digital calendar where you can list down

  • your available time slots for 1:1 coaching,
  • date, time, and venue, for events and webinars, and
  • schedules for daily, weekly, or monthly classes.

Your clients’ can check out all the details and take the appointment, book the class, or register for a seminar themselves online in seconds, without back-and-forth emails and phone calls. You’ll get automatic notifications on email and SMS when someone signs up. Reminders to clients are automated, too.

You’ll get a booking page on Yottled with the sharable link. If you already have a website, Yottled’s team helps you integrate the entire booking/registration page into your existing website.

An image showing how to book an automatic appointment with coaching CRM software

3) Payment Integration

Our coaching CRM lets you accept any form of payment. Payment integration can be set up in seconds without any coding or technical requirements. Here are some ways you can accept payment from your students/attendees.

Online payment: Accept online payment at the time of booking or registration.

Payment links: If you want to take payment after the classes/event, create and send payment links via email for letting customers pay instantly.

PoS machine for coaching business: Get Yottled’s PoS machine and accept payment through credit cards and debit cards on the premises. It has the latest near-field communication (NFC) technology. It costs $250 + shipping. If you’re coaching business’s revenue is more than $10k, you will get the PoS machine for free!

Other modes of payment: Accept payment via cash, cheque, or bank transfer and tick the transaction as “paid” in the coaching CRM to keep track of each paid and unpaid transaction.

Invoices are automated. We charge $0.99 convenience fees to your clients when they make a payment. Coaching businesses don’t have to pay anything. You can use the entire software and PoS for 100% free, forever!

4) Virtual Coaching Facility

If you’re providing virtual coaching for your business, Yottled is the best fit for your needs. We integrate with Zoom, Google Meets, or any other platform with a customized link. Share the booking links anywhere, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, emails, or even on WhatsApp, and let clients register for the class, pay, and join using those links.

You can also sell the recorded video and videos on demand (VOD). Sell membership that gives monthly, weekly or yearly accessibility of your recorded content in a “members only” zone.

5) Other Features

Here are some industry-leading features you’ll get with Yottled’s CRM for coaching businesses for free.

  1. Email Marketing Tools: Send unlimited marketing emails using Yottled. Build beautiful marketing campaigns using our drag-and-drop templates.
  2. Gift Card Generator: Create, sell, and redeem gift cards for your coaching business.
  3. Webpage: Get a personalized webpage on Yottled with your unique URL. For example, Add your logo, brand name, and colors to customize it. No hosting or domain name charges are required.
  4. Automatic Time-zone Conversion: If you’re providing virtual business coaching and having clientele globally, no worries! Yottled’s digital has an automatic time zone conversion facility to make sure everyone is on the same page.
  5. Email and Text Notifications: Send automatic notifications and reminders to your students/clients about events, webinars, classes, cancelations, reschedules, etc.

Pricing Model for Yottled’s CRM for Coaching Business

Yottled’s coaching CRM is 100% free for business owners, tutors, and coaches. All features and included and everything is unlimited. We also don’t have any revenue sharing or hidden fees. Yottled charges $0.99 from your clients when they make a paid transaction. In other words, it is the final customer that bears the convenience changes of $0.99, not the business itself. Whenever your customer does the following activities, they need to pay Yottled’s $0.99 convenience charges.

  • Books a paid class,
  • Register for webinars or events,
  • Buys memberships or a paid video,
  • Makes any other paid transaction using Yottled’s virtual PoS or physical PoS.

What about free webinars and classes?

If businesses are using Yottled’s CRM for coaching business just for registration and not for accepting payments, there are no charges to businesses or customers.

What is a CRM in Coaching Business?

CRM is an acronym for customer relationship management. It is a system of storing customers’ data with their consent to understand them well. In the coaching business, you may need students’ data such as,

  • Personal details like name, gender, and age
  • Contact details like email address, physical address, phone number
  • Demographics,
  • Preference for classes,
  • Test scores,
  • Survey answers,
  • Past purchase, enrolment, registration, etc.
  • Attendance information
  • Payment data i.e., mode of payment, past dues, payment history, etc.

In old days, CRM used to be physical notes, and files in which the coaches or admin staff manually write the customer information. Nowadays, the software is used to store these pieces of information automatically. The biggest benefit of coaching CRM software is that you don’t need to worry about losing, misplacing, or destroying the data. Yottled stores all the data on a secured cloud platform. You can sort and access any student’s information in seconds.

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