The Best Online Discovery Pro Alternative for Free – 2023

Online Discovery Pro

If you’re only looking for software for student attendance, time and inventory tracking, student grading, and clinical completion report, Discovery Pro will work for you.

If you already have that facility inbuilt by your IT team, and you’re looking a software for following features then Yottled is the best Online Discovery Pro Alternative.

  • online appointment booking,
  • payment acceptance (services + students fees),
  • CRM for client data storage,
  • automated notifications + reminders,
  • digital scheduler
  • discounts and gift cards creation, and
  • bulk email campaign creation.

Yottled is 100% free for all types of beauty schools.

7 Useful Features for Cosmetology Schools and Wellness Training Centers

Let’s explore what you’re going to get with Yottled

1. Appointment Scheduler

Add your students’ availability, and let clients self-schedule their appointments online in the available time slots without back-and-forth phone calls and emails.

Manually assign the services to the available trainees or let Yottled’s automation handle it. You can also let clients choose their preferred service provider from your batch.

the best Online Discovery Pro Alternative

Create shareable booking links and embed them on your website or share them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, and emails for instant bookings.

Discovery Pro Alternative

2. Payment Acceptance

Accept payments for your services and fees from your students using Yottled.

Accept payments online, or on-premises with the PoS device, cash, bank cheque, Venmo, Google Pay, and Apple Pay. Send invoices with the payment link embedded. Alternatively, use Yottled’s wireless PoS machine with a sleek touchpad that accepts payments with a credit card and debit card tapping.

Payment processing fees elimination: Yottled gives you a unique option of transferring payment processing fees onto your customers and students. They will see a mild increase in their bills but you’ll be able to reduce your business operation cost by approx. 3% instantly.

3. CRM for Data Storage

Yottled automatically creates digital profiles for each client that has booked an appointment for your services. Access details like

  • contact information
  • appointment history
  • upcoming appointments
  • payment status
  • custom notes
  • demographics

Yottled also stores credit cards (and debit cards) on file with utmost security. It will help for the easy check-out for future appointments.

You can also create students’ profiles or upload the list to Yottled’s CRM. Add custom files, documents and images. Keep a track record of fee payments, contact information, and all other custom fields that you want to add.

Everything is unlimited. Store unlimited students’ and clients’ information.

4) Automated Notifications and Reminders

As soon as someone books an appointment with your beauty school or associated salon/spa, you and the clients get automated appointment confirmation notifications on their emails and SMS. If they choose any particular service provider, that person also gets the notification.

Reminders: By default, Yottled sends reminders a day, an hour, and any custom timeframe before the appointment to make sure everyone is in sync. Assigned staff and the client get automated reminders via email and SMS.

5) Digital Scheduler

Get an insightful digital scheduler where you can track all the upcoming appointments, reschedules and also each student’s calendar.

Each trainer/student will also get a separate digital calendar with their login credentials, helping them to learn how to navigate booking software. Yottled has a powerful access control and custom permissions to restrict students from accessing others’ schedules and sensitive business information.

In today’s era, a cosmetologist and massage therapist must have a hands-on experience with the booking and scheduling software. This experience is a highly valuable asset when they start their own independent practice or join a spa or salon.

 Online Discovery Pro

6) Discount and Coupon Codes + Gift Cards

Yottled is the best Online Discovery Pro alternative because it gives you features and tools that a high-end studio requires and yet, everything is for free.

Another great amenity is the coupon and discount code creation. Create unlimited coupons for promotions and special occasions. Create exclusive deals for a group of limited clients or for everyone. In the same way, Yottled lets you create, sell, and redeem gift cards with ease.

7) Bulk Email Campaigns

Want to send bulk emails to your cosmetology school students or clients? Yottled got you covered. Create beautiful email campaigns with Yottled’s drag-and-drop templates. Add upcoming events, promotions, special offers, booking links, and important announcements to the email with ease.

Final Words

Yottled is a free software for cosmetology schools and wellness academies that includes an online scheduler, CRM to store students’ info, payment acceptance facility, gift cards, and more. Yottled is the best Online Discovery Pro Alternative.

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