The Best Scheduling App for Small Business

So you’re looking for the best scheduling app for small business? These days you have so many options – it really depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. We’ll walk you through the top 5 platforms so you never have to send a reminder again.

Things we looked for:

  • The ability to automatically schedule time (duh)
  • The option to manually schedule
  • Managing a team was a huge plus
  • Availability hours
  • In person and remote booking
  • Payment options
  • Client Relationship Management built in or integrations available

1. Yottled

At the top of the list for best scheduling app for small business is Yottled. It’s all-in-one approach was so seamless, it made everything else about running our business a breeze. Once someone scheduled, a contact record was created for easy communication. We were able to send reminder emails, notifications, and process payments in line (which Yottled also kept a full transaction history of).

Another reason why it’s the best scheduling app for small business? You can enable your entire team to manage their schedule and time as well. The possibilities were really endless. Massage, beauty, house cleaning, landscaping – any service company from one employee to 50 would find this service valuable.

2. Calendly

Calendly’s bread and butter is scheduling. If all you need is a scheduling app, no fluff, no CRM, nothing else, Calendly is your winner. You’re able to establish your schedule, bookable hours, and start sending your link. Need to integrate with a payment system or CRM? They have a full extensive library to allow simple integrations.

They’re the dominant player in the booking space – however to run your small business – we really were moved towards a simpler setup. For us, that meant an all-in-one, instead of separate apps for everything (call us crazy but we don’t want to have to hire an IT staff just to maintain our website and booking links).

3. Squarespace

Squarespace has recently added support for a scheduling app for small business. If you’re new or an existing user of Squarespace, it’s seamless and easy to get stood up and running. Best of all, you can use it on your existing site, send customers dedicated links, and they make it easy to maintain the customers you acquire.

The downside? It’s really made for single person businesses. Once you’re past one person, you’ll be looking for other tools like Yottled or Calendly. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent tool to investigate if you’re just getting started.

4. Chili Piper

Looking for a leg up with demand generation, maybe you’re a bit more technical, and even have a sales force at your disposal? Well – Chili Piper is your winner. They’ve built an entire business on equipping your team with a solution dedicated to delivering your leads to the right place, qualifying your leads, and ensuring you close.

It’s less about a service – it’s more about closing deals. If that’s what you need – look no further than Chili Piper.

5. HubSpot

Last on the list and likely the most robust – is HubSpot. HubSpot’s robust product is equipped to run your entire business full stack – and if that sounds complicated, it’s because it is. You’ll likely need to hire someone to run HubSpot but before you know it, you’ll have lead scoring, automated scheduling, and forms galore.

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Trevor is the co-founder of Yottled. Trevor was the VP of Product at Crisp, ran a product team at Duo Security, and has built and contributed to many other successful and failed start ups. He focuses on enabling and delighting users.

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