The Yottled Journal – February

The Yottled Journal – February image

The Yottled Journal – February

If you’ve landed on this page and you’re a host, we can’t thank you enough for helping us achieve this.  It’s because of you that we will be successful.  If we can help you in anyway, if this is confusing, you have questions, or want us to learn something from you, Trevor’s email is and Will’s email is (you guessed it) 

What is this?

Will and I thought we would take the time to share what we’re doing from the business perspective.  What we’re learning each week, trying to do with our customers, and how we’re trying to make Yottled successful.

Who is likely to read this?

We would expect anyone in the tech industry to benefit from this blog.  It’s an update of what we’re trying.

Some context before reading further

Will and I are two people that want others to succeed. Our goal is to enable others to make money…and we want to make money too. We’re investing our own money and time to make this as delightful as possible. We have a small about of pre-seed money and we’re laser focused on retention, delighting our users, and making sure we’re simple and easy to use.

What has been done so far?

Check out our previous posts:

The high level things we want you to know right now:

  • GTM: In January we tested a move away from fitness and wellness. February we totally pivoted. We’re now starting to focus on moving up market to small businesses to empower them to grow their client base. Our goal is to manage all aspects of the outward facing customer experience. From webinars, to events, to one-on-one bookings, and the entire life cycle behind it, we expect people to use Yottled to manage every component.
  • SMB: As noted above, we’re making a cognizant decision to start moving up, away from the individual and towards the business. We’ll still opportunistically take the micro-entrepreneurs, but it’s not our core focus. We’re going to be helping businesses. Imagine a ven-diagram with Shopify, Calendly, and Eventbrite with built in tools and integrations. That’s us. No one does this.
  • Organic acquisition: It’s showing early signs of success. We made improvements here as we track towards our goal of a $0 CAC. We’re far from done, but we’re investigating ways to get people in without spend.
  • Integrations: We’re investing more and more with integrations. We’re starting to become a platform play, the glue that stitches everything together. We fall in the background and lets a business be successful.

What we did in February

We cut ad spend in February to almost $0. We had major re-work to do in an app-redesign, onboarding flow, and integrations. We spend when we want to learn and cut ad spend when we need to deliver.

February had 3 primary objectives (but hey…we did more!):

  1. Recurring Events: It helps our hosts retain their users and drive more engagement. With recurring events, we immediately saw our core users adopt the feature and their users book. Some of our hosts posted weekly, recurring events through June! There is really no limit to the content. Examples:
    • Kubernetes 101
    • Weekly onboarding
    • Demos
    • Happy hours
    • Yoga
    • more!
  2. Integrations: Yottled can now drag and drop into any website for a white label experience. Hosts can list their events/appointments and it feels like their brand. We fall into the background. You would never even realize we’re there except for the “Powered by Yottled”. Our goal is to make the host successful, grow their client base, and promote their success. We also delivered the ability to host an experience on any video platform…literally anything. Youtube, zoom, bluejeans…you name it, we support it.
  3. New onboarding: We’ve spent a ton of time with our onboarding. We’re going to continue to iterate with it. We updated our pricing and it’s much better to where we need to be, but our onboarding is still not as good as we want it to be. Our goal is to show the user the value we provide and then get them hosting an experience immediately. We are trying several things to ensure we use objective and subjective data to provide the best possible experience.
  4. New feature delight: We had a power user that pushed us to deliver top tier features for her organization. She is now in the process of upgrading her account to an enterprise version. The list of new features is as follows:
    • Email notifications now come from the account name vs. hello@yottled
    • A user is able to notify their client base about new events. However we used to notify everyone and only on event creation. Now, you can choose when you notify people and you have the choice of who you notify.
    • We now have a custom intake form. The intake form updates in the CRM Yottled provides.
    • Our CRM now provides a count of how many people are in the CRM.
    • The event management page has been redesigned so a user can see all of the value in one place. Several items have been removed and added to the dashboard.
    • The dashboard has been redesigned to elevate critical actions. Several other items have been removed/added to the dashboard.

Metrics and Baselines

Our most important goal…still…meetings booked. It drives everything in our product and is a leading indicator for everything else. If customers are getting booked meetings…they’re going to pay for the product, talk about the product, and keep coming back.

Meetings booked since we started tracking, evaluated weekly, axis removed for reasons. Shoot us a note to if you’re interested in learning more.

What are we going to do in March?

  • Multi user support: We’re full steam ahead on SMB’s. In order for us to keep closing, we need to help deliver multi user support in a more elegant way. We’ve done this in a “hacky” way, and we’re going to deliver the elegant version. It’s going to be done in two steps.
  • Integrations: MOAR INTEGRATIONS. First up, an official Zoom integration so a user does not have to copy/paste a zoom link. Everything will “just work”. Next up Zapier. Zap. Zap. Zap.
  • Iterate on onboarding: We’re going to keep iterating on our onboarding. We’re far from perfect and want to keep delighting our users.

As always, if you have advice for us, send us a note to and we’d love to hear from you.

Come hang out with us during one of our weekly demos or product jams!


Trevor and Will

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Trevor is the co-founder of Yottled. Trevor was the VP of Product at Crisp, ran a product team at Duo Security, and has built and contributed to many other successful and failed start ups. He focuses on enabling and delighting users.

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