Top 10 Cyber Attacks of 2022 That Every Business Should Know

cyber attacks 2022

If you are a business owner, you must be aware of cyberattacks that took place around the globe in 2022-first quarter so that you don’t let cybersecurity take a back seat in your business planning!

2022 has just begun and in less than 3 months, we are flooded with cyberattacks news! These are the dangerous cyberattacks that took place in the first quarter of 2022 which got overshadowed amidst war news. Whether you own a small business or an enterprise, service-based company, or product-based, the hackers don’t discriminate. These attacks are alarming because if hackers can target powerful governments and corporate giants, hacking startups and small businesses is a piece of cake for them. Our goal is to help you understand the importance of protecting your business. Here’s an outline of the top ten cyberattacks of 2022.

1. Government Websites Hit by a Cyberattack

A major DDoS attack resulted in bringing down a number of government websites in Israel in March 2022. Government websites using the .GOV.IL domains were targeted in this attack. According to Haaretz, this cyberattack against government websites is the largest attack ever carried out against the Israeli government. Israel believes that some other country or an organization could be behind this attack, but has yet not figure out who carried out this attack.

2. Attacks Carried Out Against European Oil Facilities

Oil terminals in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands were disrupted by a large-scale cyberattack in February 2022. The attacks disrupted operations at the terminals by affecting the loading and unloading of cargo. Their software was hacked, as a result of which the oil terminals were unable to process barges. This attack brought down the whole operational system.

3. Cyberattacks on the Websites of the Polish Government

Cyberattacks were carried out against the Polish government’s computer servers and the national clearing system’s websites in February 2022. According to a spokesperson from the country’s cybersecurity department, the country’s IT network and the website of the national clearing system have been attacked multiple times in recently. The chief executive of PGE SA (PGE.WA) claims that the attacks are being monitored and they are yet to determine the source behind this attack.

4. DDoS Attacks Against North Korean Servers

A hacker pseudonym P4x launched DDoS attacks and crippled North Korea’s internet on 2 February 2022. The hacker claims that he was hacked by North Korean spies and he, in turn, took things into his own hands after a year and disrupted servers hosted in the DPRK. He said that he used unpatched vulnerabilities in North Korean systems to launch DDoS attacks. 

5. Cyberattack Against Vodafone Portugal

Vodafone’s network was hit by a cyberattack on 7 February 2022. This attack affected the company’s 4G/5G network, television, SMS services, fixed voice, and answering services. This attack was intended to cause disruption and damage the network and it did disrupt some emergency services. As soon as Vodafone Portugal detected the attack, it responded quickly and it had assured its users that no data had been compromised.

6. News Corp Hit by Cyberattacks 

News Corp became a target of a “persistent cyberattack” in February 2022. Several journalists and other employees were targeted and sensitive data was stolen. News Corp, which notified law enforcement immediately about the hack, also hired Mandiant Inc. to look into the incident and investigate the hack. Chinese hackers are suspected to be behind this hack.

7. Slovenia’s Pop TV Disrupted

The operations of Pop TV, the most popular TV channel of Slovenia, were disrupted by a cyberattack in February 2022. The attack that impacted the channel’s computer network is suspected to be an extortion attack. The channel was unable to show computer graphics for its daily news show, 24UR. VOYO, a streaming platform, and Pop TV’s web servers were also hit by the attack. According to Pop TV, this attack disrupted its operations by preventing them from adding new content to the platform, including the Winter Olympics.

8. Ransomware Attack Reported by Denso Corp., a Top Toyota Motor Corp. Supplier

The latest cyber attack of 2022’s first quarter: A ransomware attack took place against Denso Corporation, one of the top suppliers of Toyota Motor Corporation in March 2022. Pandora is the group behind the cyberattack. Claiming to have stolen over 157,000 items, including invoices, emails, and purchase orders, Pandora threatened to release them on the dark web if Denso failed to meet their demands. This attack has not impacted the operations and as soon as Denso detected unauthorized access in its network, they promptly responded.

9. Hackers Targeted Rosneft

The German subsidiary of the Russian energy giant, Rosneft became a victim of a cyberattack on 12 March 2022. Rosneft is importing a large quantity of crude oil from Russia to Germany. The hacker group “Anonymous” has taken the responsibility for this attack and claimed that they have stolen 20 terabytes of data. Rosneft had to take its systems offline for some hours but fortunately, the attack has not affected Rosneft’s operations negatively.

10. Cyberattacks Against Schools in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In January 2022, schools in Albuquerque suffered cyberattacks, which resulted in the district canceling classes for around 75,000 students. The attack was aimed at the student information database of the school and it compromised student information. It was a ransomware attack in which the hacker made the computer systems unavailable, and encrypted the students’ data. They asked the ransom to unlock the data, but the schools didn’t pay and found a way to restore the data.

Final Words on Cyber Attacks in 2022

As you saw, the cyberattacks in 2022 are targeted against all kinds of businesses irrespective of their size. You can reduce your business’s cyber risk by shifting the important tasks at Yottled’s platform.

Tasks like

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