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Let’s explore detailed information on Alphaland gym membership, facilities, pricing, owner’s journey, and more

The global fitness industry’s estimated market value is $87 billion and is expected to grow 171.75% by 2028. It’s an attractive market for anyone having a unique idea, skill, or story, to connect with the fitness enthusiasts’ community, and make fortune out of it. One such never-heard-before concept is Alphaland. So, what exactly Alphaland is, who owns it, and what facilities does it has that make it the talk of the town? Let’s explore!

What is Alphaland?

Do you remember the amusement park you visited last time? A big place having scary roller coasters, small fun rides for kids, retail shops, food courts, and even activity zones – all in one place. It’s the exact concept of Alphaland. It is like an amusement park for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and social media influencers.

So, what is Alphaland? It is an all-in-one fitness place where a large number of facilities are included on a 30,000+ sq. feet complex situated on 18.5 acres premise. Alphaland has gyms, basketball courts, a football court, retail stores selling fitness-related merchandise, a food court, and much more. We have covered the entire list later in this article.

Where is Alphaland gym? Alphaland is situated in Missouri City, Texas. Missouri City is part of the greater Huston area. The distance between Alphaland and Houston airport (IAH) is about 40 miles.

What’s Included in Alphaland?

So, what the hype is all about? Let’s explore what facilities and amenities are included in this massive fitness establishment.

1) 3 Gyms

 Alphaland includes 3 gigantic gyms with a large number of equipment. It includes all types of CrossFit, weightlifting, powerlifting, cardio, strength building, and stretching equipment. All machines and equipment are brand new, made with top-notch quality, and are in a large number. That means you don’t have to wait for your turn to use a piece of equipment. It also has boxing equipment and a special zone dedicated for practicing boxing.

2) 2 Basketball Courts

These basketball courts are claimed to be NCAA-sized. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball courts are 94 feet long and 50 feet wide with 47 feet half-court line length.

An image from the Alphaland website showing an NCAA-sized basketball court at Alphaland.

An image from the Alphaland website showing an NCAA-sized basketball court at Alphaland.

3) Football Field

If you’re visiting Alphaland with your group of football-loving friends, Alphaland has a large, well-maintained football field that you all can enjoy.

4) Private Workout Studio and Dance Class

It has a wide studio for private workouts and dance classes. We are not sure about the additional charges for fitness trainers and dance instructors. It is not clearly mentioned on their website, so you need to contact their support team to enquire further.

5) Running Slides

This is a unique amenity not present in most gyms. Running slides means a hill alike slope for running. Alphaland has two running slides, one with a regular slope for an easy running experience and another with a sharp slope to make the running harder.

 A picture of running slides at Alphaland.
Image source: alphalandstore.com. A picture of running slides at Alphaland.

5) Dedicated Workspace

Can’t avoid that important meeting or project? Got urgent office task? Want to browse the internet just for fun and relaxation? Upload social media content and work on your marketing strategy right from Alphaland. Bring your laptop along and devote some hours to your work in Alphaland’s dedicated co-working workspace.

6) Restaurant/Cafe

The food court in Alphaland is called AlphaEats. It has a large variety of meals such as burgers, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and pasta, along with “build your own bowl” options. It also has three types of smoothies: Strawberry Banana, Coconut Pineapple, and P.B.B. AlphaEats offers a decent variety of desserts, chips, fruits, and other side items, too. Here’s the entire menu.

7) Retail Store

Christian Guzman’s other entrepreneurship project, Alphalete, is a retail clothing brand. Alphalete’s retail flagship store is available at Alphaland. Along with Alphalete, it also has retail stores of other sports apparel brands like BuffBunny, Inaka, and Everforward.

8) Chiropractic Clinique

Alphaland also has a Chiropractic clinic, Dr. Stamps, for injuries and other treatments. It is located by the sales office in Gym 1.

Who Owns Alphaland Gym?

Christian Guzman is the owner of Alphaland. Guzman is a bodybuilder and personal trainer who got popularity through his fitness YouTube channel and, vlogging. He announced Alphaland’s multimillion project in 2019 but due to the pandemic, the construction got delayed. Alphaland gym got ready and started to operate in January 2022.

Christian Guzman’s YouTube channel has 1+ million subscribers and his Instagram page has 1.1 million followers. Guzman also started his website Christianguzmantraining.com where he provides online fitness training.  Later on, he established an apparel brand called Alphalete, which turned out to be a multimillion-dollar company.

Here’s a good video in which Christian Guzman shares some interesting parts of the Alphaland journey.

How Much Does Alphaland Membership Cost?

So how much does Alphaland membership cost? Alphaland membership ranges between $25 to $100. The membership price doesn’t include the cost of personal trainers, dance classes, and food. Here is a detailed description of Alphaland gym membership pricing.

Alphalaland membership type cost
One day pass$25
Three-day pass$65
Five-day pass$100
Monthly membership*$89.99
Alphaland membership cost

A one-day pass is valid for 24 hours from the time of registration. Your time window starts only when you reach to Alphaland front desk and an associate creates your profile. Same with 3-day and 7-day passes.

You get 7 days to use the 3-day pass. You can check in 3 times in 7 days. But it also means that if you check in at Alphaland premises twice on the same day, it will be considered two check-ins. Same for a 5-day pass, which you can utilize in 10 days for 5 total check-ins. An ID is required for 3-day and 5-day passes.

*Disclaimer: We got to know Alphaland’s monthly membership cost from some other sources on the internet and we are not 100% sure about its accuracy.

Quick facts about Alphaland membership

  • Anyone below 15 years of age is not allowed to enter.
  • 15 years old needs a signed waiver and the presence of the parent or legal guardian on the premises to exercise.
  • 16-17 years old need a signed waiver from a parent/ legal guardian. But they can visit the premises without their parent/ legal guardian’s presence.
  • You can’t bring your pets to Alphaland unless it is a service animal. Emotional support animals are not allowed, as well.
  • If you buy anything from the Alphalete retail store, you can’t request returns online and vice versa. They have a 30-days return policy at the store.
  • Alphaland helps members set up additional lighting, stands, and other filming requirements if you want to shoot a video there.

The concept of day-wise Alphaland membership plans is to attract fitness enthusiasts from all over the country and visit Alphaland not only to exercise but also to enjoy its lavish ambiance, dance classes, football and basketball courses, healthy meals, tasty smoothies, apparel shopping, and more. Most importantly, it encourages fitness social influencers to take pictures, and videos of them doing various workouts using Alphaland facilities.

Alphaland timing:

Mon to Fri: 5 a.m. – 12 a.m.

Sat: 8 a.m.– 10 p.m.

Sun: a.m. – 9 p.m.

What is Alphalete? Is it the Same as Alphaland?

Alphalete is a clothing brand started by Christian Guzman. It has only one retail store, which is located inside Alphaland premises, along with Alphalete’s operational headquarters. In general, Alphalete sells merchandise online only, both nationally and internationally. You don’t need a membership or day-pass to shop at the Alphalete retail store.

Is Alphaland a Successful Business?

The internet was divided into two parts with Alphaland’s announcement. Some fitness enthusiasts love the idea of this luxurious, gorgeous, all-in-one gym facility. You spend an entire day for your fitness, having healthy meals, and enjoying activities like dance and boxing and sports like basketball and football. It is also a cool hangout place with your fitness-conscious and sporty group of friends. However, some people were skeptical about the whole idea. While the monthly gym memberships in the locals will undoubtedly be a popular idea, expecting people to fly from all over the county just to exercise is too bold to ask.

What’s the real situation now? Is Alphaland a successful project? In a video, Christian Guzman shared some financial details of Alphaland. According to this, Alphaland makes about $700k to one million each month from January to April 2022. With that calculation, if all the factors remain the same, as per Yottled’s estimates Alphaland is expected to make about 8 million by the end of 2022. While we don’t know its initial investment and operating expenses, the exact ROI is challenging to figure out. Yet, 8 million in revenue in the very first year of operating is still a respectable number for any business, especially in the fitness industry.

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